“The Flintstones” Remake

Yabba Dabba Doo! Family Guy creator Seth Farlane hopes to reintroduce TV’s First Family of Comedy to a new generation of small screen fans in an all-new animated series.

Is nothing sacred?!

On Monday, FOX revealed that its given MacFarlane the greenlight to work on a reboot of The Flintstones, slated to premiere in 2013.

MacFarlane’s Flintstones will basically update the 1960s original: it’ll still be about Fred and Wilma, their daughter Pebbles and their neighbous, Barney and Betty Rubble, and it’ll work in the same prehistoric spoofs of modern-day technology — including “the animal version of an iPad.” The series — which featured Fred and wife Wilma as the first couple on TV to share a bed — was an important part of Seth’s decision to become a cartoonist. Before he brought life to American Dad and The Cleveland Show, Fred Flintstone was the very first cartoon character he ever drew. MacFarlane has been working with FOX to secure the rights to re-do The Flintstones for years.

“The very first cartoon character I drew at age two was Fred Flintstone. So it’s appropriate that events have come full circle, allowing me to produce the newest incarnation of this great franchise. Plus, I think America is finally ready for an animated sitcom about a fat, stupid guy with a wife who’s too good for him. I think America is finally ready for an animated sitcom about a fat stupid guy with a wife who’s too good for him,” MacFarlane quipped in a statement this week.

The Flintstones will be a joint production between 20th Century Fox Television and Warners Bros. Television, the owners of the Hanna-Barbera collection of animated titles.

The popular cartoon, which celebrated the 50th anniversary of its premiere last year, has inspired numerous television specials, a line of cereal and children vitamins, videogames, and a 1994 box office flop starring John Goodman and Rick Moranis.

Production begins this fall.

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