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The Fappening: Investigation Turns Up New Information About Source Of Photo Hack


It may have been a while, but the hacking attack dubbed ‘the Fappening’ isn’t easy to forget. For some, it was a free-for-all peek at things celebrities meant to keep private. For the rest of us, it represented an awareness that not much stored electronically is truly private. It also became a symbol of the way patriarchy and misogyny turn female celebrities into mere sexual objects, and exposed a public claim to a ‘right’ to possess those ‘objects.’

Now, after much time, there may be a break in the FBI’s investigation into the hack that started the Fappening.

According to Forbes, the hack has been traced to one individual, who, according to warrants, attempted to break into nearly 2,000 iCloud accounts, succeeding in gaining access to 597 of those.

The warrant is for Emilio Herrera, a Chicago man who is accused of using password crackers and other hacking tools to steal information, not only from celebrities’ own accounts, but from their family members as well.

The search warrant, obtained by Gawker, reveals that the search took place in October, with agents removing computer equipment and searching for any other evidence that Herrera was the culprit.

The document hints at the sources of the information leading to Herrera: interviews with the victims and records obtained from Apple showing attempts to access these and other accounts. The investigator, Josh Sadowsky, notes that he has not included all the evidence that pointed him toward Herrera, though.

He also revealed another piece of information about the celebrities targeted in the Fappening: some noticed an inability to access certain accounts, including email accounts, shortly before the theft took place. The records obtained from Apple showed that one or more computers at a single address had requested password resets for several of these accounts.

According to CNN, however, Emilio Herrera is just one suspect sought in the Fappening — others include individuals involved in the sharing and trading of the photos.

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Steph Bazzle is a homeschooling mom who likes to write about justice, equality, and religious issues.

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