The Fake Arm Selfie Stick Makes It Look Like You Have A Friend

Selfie Stick with Attached Fake Arm

Are you incredibly lonely? Do you want your Facebook followers to actually believe you have a friend? If you answered yes to either one of those questions you might be interested in purchasing the Fake Arm Selfie Stick.

While I would personally file this product away in the “only an idiot would buy this” category, I can see the appeal for people who like quirky and sort of funny products.

As the name suggests, the product is a selfie stick that looks like an arm with an attached human hand.


Simply place your phone at the end of the fake arm selfie stick, set the timer, and prepare to take an awesomely creepy shot.

Nothing can make you look less lonely than this view:

Fake Arm Selfie Stick

Is it just me or does the fake arm selfie stick look like an arm and hand that were picked up during the zombie apocalypse?

Zombie Arm Fake Hand Selfie Stick

Right now, this product is nothing more than a prototype but that only means it needs your support to go viral. Share this post on Facebook and make this idiotic product a reality.

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