“The Early Show” Michael Jackson Tribute This Friday: Ft. Christina Aguilera, Marc Anthony, LL Cool J

Christina Aguilera, Marc Anthony & LL Cool J will pay tribute to the King of Pop Michael Jackson on the first anniversary of his death this Friday, June 25, on The Early Show, Us Magazine said Tuesday.

Christina Aguilera: “Music wouldn’t be what it is without someone like Michael Jackson. I remember going to my high school talent show singing ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ and being a huge fan of his album Bad. I know all my dancers wouldn’t be behind me dancing if it weren’t for that.”

Marc Anthony: “A Michael Jackson comes around literally once in a lifetime. They break the mold and I think there’re people who just sacrifice their life, their personal life all for the arts. That’s what Michael did; he sacrificed his life for the arts.”

LL Cool J: “I think one of the coolest things he told me was never limit yourself; the fact that if people can whistle your songs then they can understand it all over the world. Because there are language barriers…People speak different languages all over the world. Melody is king and I think Michael really understood that…What we didn’t lose is his legacy and that incredible catalogue and body of work…We may have lost the man, but we didn’t lose the legacy. The legacy is actually bigger than that one human being. That legacy touched millions.”

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