The Devolution of Britney Spears: From Pop Star to Celebrity Trash in Less than 7 Years

From innocent good girl to psycho-mom, we document the devolution of Britney Spears from pop icon, to celebrity trash and everything in between.

The Good & Innocent Days, well kind of…

britney spears mickey mouse club

Britney Spears became part of the Mickey Mouse Club TV show in 1993 where she joined Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera….before they were stars.

innocent britney

early britney spears

When Britney released Hit Me Baby One More Time she virtually became an international star overnight. The popularity of that song led to over nine million album sales worldwide.

britney spears bikini

2001 Super Bowl Halftime Show

britney spears super bowl 2001

One highlight of Britney’s career came at the 2001 Super Bowl. Her body, her hair and her outfit looked phenomenal.

2000 MTV Video Music Awards

britney spears 2000 vma

Britney had perhaps the best performance of her life at the 2000 VMAs. She came out in a tuxedo and began her “Oops I did it Again” song and then tore off the tuxedo. Her outfit was skin colored and it almost appeared as though she was naked. Her body looked great, the dancing was fantastic and she out on the performance of a lifetime.

britney spears vma

2001 VMAs- Britney performed “I’m A Slave for U” with a large snake. It was an OK performance, but it started a lot of talk….

2000 mtv video music awards

Bad career choices?

At the 2003 Video Music Awards Britney shocked everyone by French kissing Madonna…the cameras quickly cut to an angry looking Justin Timberlake and then went back to the kiss.

britney spears kisses madonna

Britney Hanging in All the Wrong Places

November 2006 -Britney started hanging out with Paris Hilton. The first time the cameras caught her with no underwear on, the pictures appeared all over the net and were reported on the news immediately. Two days later she was caught again with no underwear on. There were three separate occasions she was photographed with no underwear on.

britney spears crotch shot paris hilton

New Years Eve 2006 – Britney throws a party at Pure in Las Vegas- She was paid 300,000 for her appearance. While dancing to her own song- “I’m a slave for you” she passed out. Her body guards carried her out.

britney spears in underwear

Feb 11, 2007 Britney went to Club One- a strip club in New York City. She put on some of the girls’ clothes and posed for pictures. Again she passed out and was carried out by her bodyguards. 3 days letter she checked into rehab- crossroads- she left in less than a day.

And Now the Circus Begins…

britney spears shaves her own hair off

Feb 20-2007 Britney went to Esters in San Fernando Valley and cut off all of her hair. She told the hairstylist that her hair extensions were too tight and would she cut them off. The lady said no, so Britney grabbed the shaver and cut off all of her hair. 4 days later she checks in to Promises rehab center- she stayed one night.

britney spears promises rehab

On February 22 2007 Britney went to Kevin Federline’s home to see her children. He would not open the door. The paparazzi was following her after the confrontation with Kevin. Britney went into a tirade and attacked a Paps car with an umbrella. The next day, after a discussion with Kevin, she went back to Promises rehab center and stayed for 27 days. She was seen carrying Brook Shields’ book about post partum depression.

britney spears attacks car with umbrella

June 25, 2007 – The story began on June 15th when Britney’s mother Lynn came to her home and demanded to take Brit’s kids for the day. Britney said no and there was some form of physical altercation. On June 25th Britney drove down the set of her sister’s show. She invited the paparazzi to come along and she proceeded to go up to Lynn Spears and hand her some papers that said if Lynn was on any form of medication that made her impaired she was not allowed to see Britney’s kids.

July 18 2007- Britney goes to the beach with her assistant, takes off her dress and jumps in the ocean with just her bra and underwear on.

britney spears at ocean in panties

July 19, 2007- Britney called OK magazine and offered an interview.

britney spears yellow dress

She went to the photo shoot and it has been reported that several things happened:

  • She rubbed chicken grease from on couture dresses
  • Her dog pooped on a $6,700 gown
  • Then after some test shots she left
  • Several items appeared to be missing when she left.

Britney’s Career Is….Well…. Over… Cuz the fat lady sang

britney 2007 vmas

2007 VMAs

britney 2007 vmas

Britney performed at the 2007 VMAs. It was really kind of sad. She totally lacked confidence, looked scared and seemed like she had forgotten how to dance. She moved very slowly, she looked clumsy and she looked like she did not want to be on that stage. Though by most standards, she is still a very pretty woman and looks great for having two young kids, the stalkerati enjoyed making fun of her weight issue. Overwhelmingly, the 2007 VMAs turned out to be a lowpoint for Britney’s career and goes to show that if you don’t preserve your talent it can easily disappear.

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