The Colts Want A 9-Point NFL Play That Rewards 2-Point Conversions

NFL 9 Point Play Suggested by Indianapolis Colts

If you follow the NFL you know there are four scoring possibilities. You can earn six points for a touchdown, one point for an extra point, three points for a field goal, and two points for a safety. Currently, the most points you can earn on a single possession is eight. However, if the Indianapolis Colts have their way, a nine-point play will soon be added to the ever growing list of NFL rules.

So how exactly would a nine-point NFL play work? If the offensive line scores a touchdown and then follows it up with a successful two-point conversion, they would also receive the chance to score an additional one-point kick.

The ball would be placed on the 50-yard line for the extra point, which decreases the chances of a successful conversion, especially in open-air stadiums where wind plays a big factor in long-yard field goal attempts.

Next week the NFL Competition Committee will review this rule and 21 others. The other rules are a lot less crazy, although you just never know what the NFL will approve these days.

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