The Cars Reunion?

Anyone up for a Cars reunion? (Provided you actually know who The Cars are…)

Boston-based New Wave rock supergroup The Cars have prompted speculation of a reunion — more than 23 years after their split — after teasing Facebook fans with a photo of the bandmates working together in the studio.

The “Shake It Up” hitmakers enjoyed massive success in between 1977 and 1987, when they called it quits following the smash release of their Live Aid theme, Drive.

The new photo features frontman Ric Ocasek, David Robinson, Elliot Easton, and Greg Hawkes. Cars bassist/vocalist Benjamin Orr died of pancreatic cancer 10 years ago.

Easton and Hawkes reteamed for a mini-Cars reunion five years ago, against the wishes of Ocasek and Robinson. Instead, they hit the road as The New Cars, featuring Utopia stars Todd Rundgren, Prairie Prince, and Kasim Sulton.

“I hate to be vague, but I really can’t say,” keyboardist Hawkes told The Boston Globe Tuesday when asked whether the band was reuniting. “It’s a crazy world.”

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