“The Blacklist” Sets DVR Record

Technology is changing the way networks measure their ratings. Now, DVR viewings within a seven-day window can be added to a program total Nielsen ratings — and one show that is benefiting mightily from DVR viewing is NBC’s freshman drama The Blacklist.

The series stars James Spader as a sinister middle man with the unique ability puts the FBI on the trail of the nation’s most wanted criminals. Last week, the breakout hit set a new DVR record with the addition of the 6 million viewers who watched the show after its Monday-night airing.

The Blacklist is the first show to ever add that many viewers via DVR viewership. Added to the 11.4 million viewers who watched the show when the episode first aired, that brings The Blacklist’s total U.S. viewership to 17.9 million — that’s a nearly 70 percent jump.

The Blacklist airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EST/PST on NBC…or you can always record it on your DVR and watch later.

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