“The Biggest Loser” Makeovers 2010 — Featuring Ashanti

On The Biggest Loser Tuesday, this season’s final six contestants headed to an upscale salon, where mane man to the stars Jonathan Antin crafted long-awaited and much-needed makeovers for Sam, Koli, Ashley, Sunshine, Michael, and Daris. Entertainment Tonight has gotten its hot hands on pictures of what the finalists looked like when they started on the ranch several months ago and how drastically their looks have changed since their record weight loss and $1,000 shopping sprees

Take a peek!

In related news: Typically speaking, when an artist has new music headed for our eardrums, they’ll make a few promotional appearances to get us ready for their LP. Maybe they’ll pop up on American Idol, drop a notes on Dancing With The Stars, hell, even The Early Show has slots for this kind of thing. But not Ashanti — oh no. With sales for her last two albums in the crapper, Homegirl was forced to take her Horse & Pony Show to this week’s edition of Loser. Adding insult to injury, notice how the fatties are practically oblivious that she’s even there! Oh how far the mighty have fallen…

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