“The Bachelor” Affair With Crew Member Scandal

One of the 15 women looking for true love with a handsome pilot on the upcoming 14th season of The Bachelor reportedly became romantically-involved with a male member of the show’s staff instead.

Instead of Bachelor Jake Pavelka, an unidentified lovesick contestant on the famed dating reality series is accused of fooling around with a crew member from the show when the cameras weren’t rolling, according to reports. News of the rumored affair broke after ABC aired a promo with one of the women saying in a clip, “She’s been having an sexual affair with somebody else in the Bachelor House.”

Fan site fansofrealityTV.com has been snitching about the Bachelor affair scandal for weeks. The site claims to have inside info about a member of the show’s production crew and one of the contestants having sex on the set of The Bachelor: On The Wings of Love while the show was shooting last fall.

Reality shows are usually very strict about cast and crew fraternizing off camera. The most famous incident of a behind-the-scenes romance took place the first season of MTV’s The Real World in 1992, when the show’s director Bill “Corky” Richmond became involved with cast member Becky Blasband.

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