The Ashlee Simpson Show; Monkey Co-Host Selected Over Sister Jessica Simpson

Ashlee Simpson, who is currently working on an album for November release, will soon be at the helm of her very own talk show, tenatively titled ‘The Ashlee Simpson Show.’ Celebrity informants report that the nose-changing blonde has opted for a monkey as a co-host instead of her buxom sister, Jessica.

“Ashlee is working on a new chat show for a top US network under the working title The Ashlee Simpson Show,” says an insider.

“She has a strong following among the new rock kids, especially as she and Pete are the hottest couple right now – that’s the demographic they’re after,” the mole continues.

“Ashlee rather loyally wanted Jessica to be her co-host. But bosses weren’t keen as Jessica is seen as a bit naff. She’s older and linked to a different world of celebrity.”

“The show’s producers want a quirky show. They thought it would be really funny to have the monkey co-host the show.”

“She’s going to be the rock monkey and will ‘direct’ other bands coming on the show.”

“Sadly, this format change meant there was no place for Jessica. The monkey is the co-host they want. It must be a blow for her.”

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