The Antonella Barba Scandal

Antonella Barba: a sweet, shy Jersey girl who America can love?

Ok. By now you probably know that there is a brewing scandal surrounding Antonella Barba of American Idol 2007 fame. But why the controversy?

There are numerous reasons why American Idol is successful. But two of those reasons will key you into the reason Barba has become such a controversial figure as of late. On the one hand, Idol has nailed the ability to pull in men and women with equal strength. That seems surprising until you realize that men are largely drawn into the show because of the chance to watch beautiful young women. On the other hand, American Idol owes a lot of its success to what we might refer to as personality infatuation. America gets to look deeply into the lives of these people over the course of several months. And America has its prototype “darlings” that we all love to cheer for.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Antonella Barba is the most famous American Idol contestant of 2007 so far. Not only is she beautiful, but she also comes across as the innocent Jersey girl; you know, the sweet next door neighbor. All along she has seemed to fit that idyllic archetype.

That is until now. The scandal that is emerging is a scandal against the story we had been getting told about Antonella Barba. The country had been set up to believe in this beautiful young Jersey girl who was a little shy and very sweet. What we’ve come to find out though is that Barba is a wild party animal who has posed for pornographic shots. We’re being told quite a different story by the pictures that are surfacing on the internet.

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So what’s the emerging story that the pictures are telling us? Well, that Barba enjoys getting her picture taken while giving blow jobs. That Barba doesn’t mind being topless in public. That she doesn’t mind posing seductively for the camera. That she doesn’t mind making erotic lesbian poses for the camera with other girls. That’s the picture we’re being given behind the scenes.

But things are actually getting interesting. The Antonella Barba camp, probably along with American Idol, are conducting a secret campaign to shut down the truth from being told. Several webmasters that we’ve been in touch with have been sent DMCA requests demanding that images be taken off their servers or else legal action would be pending. So now we have Barba the Bully trying to hide the fact that she’s a naked party animal.

Quite shocking compared to the story we had been told on the show.

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