“The Amazing Race 13” Contestants Photos Revealed September 28th Premiere

Terence Gerchberg, running coach, 35; Sarah Leshner, investment analyst, 31 (Newly Dating)

The Amazing Race, CBS’ globe-trotting reality series, is ready for his next sprint around the world. Eleven teams will travel across five continents from the L.A. Memorial Coliseum when The Amazing Race 13 premieres Sunday, September 28 at 8:00 ET/PT on CBS.

Let’s meet this season’s contestants.

Anthony Marotta, mortgage broker, 32; Stephanie Kacandes, financial saleswoman, 32 (dating)

Marisa Axelrod, student, 22; Brooke Jackson, graphic designer, 24 (Southern belle best friends)

Andrew Lappitt, student, 22; Dan Honig, hotel manager trainee, 23 (Fraternity Brothers)

Aja Benton, aspiring actress, 25; Ty White, banker, 25 (Dating Long Distance)

Ken Greene, home builder and ex-NFL player, 51; Tina Greene, president of BioParmMed, 48 (separated)

Kelly Crabb, sales representative, 26; Christy Cook, business developer, 26 (divorcees — and best friends)

Anita Jones, retired paralegal, 63; Arthur Jones, playground maintenance, 61 (Married beekeepers)

Mark Yturralde, Comic-Con treasurer, 41; Bill Kahler, student aid administrator, 42 (Best Friends)

Nick Spangler, actor, 22; Starr Spangler, former NFL cheerleader, 21 (brother and sister)

Toni Imbimbo, accounting consultant, 51; Dallas Imbimbo, student, 22 (Mother and Son)

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