The 50 Hottest Women of Twitter: 40 – 31

40. Kimora Lee Simmons

Twitter Name: @OfficialKimora
Number of Followers: 308.331

She’s a fashion mogul and she will tweet all the time! If you are looking for fashion trends or in some cases, what to buy the women in your life then take the time to follow Kimora.

39. Giuliana Rancic

Twitter Name: @GiulianaRancic
Number of Followers: 1.922.633

You know and love her from E! News and her reality series with hubby, Giuliana and Bill, seen on Style Network. Giuliana Rancic tweets regularly about her life, her reality show and of course, celebrity info. Giuliana is one of our favorites to follow.

38. Chelsea Handler

Twitter Name: @chelseahandler
Number of Followers: 2.827.916

She’s the Comedy Central host and author and Chelsea Handler is as cut-throat with her tweeting as she is in her stand-up routine. Handler who recently went on a tirade regarding Angelina Jolie, tweets quite a bit so be prepared. Good thing is, every once in a while you get a gem.

37. Alicia Keys

Twitter Name: @aliciakeys
Number of Followers: 2.470.870

Alicia is a new-mom and new bride but that hasn’t slowed her down. She is busy saving the world, one tweet at a time. Kim recently enlisted several of her celebrity twitter pals to give-up all forms of Social media to raise $1 Million for her Save a Child Charity.

36. Emmy Rossum

Twitter Name: @emmyrossum
Number of Followers: 67.799

35. Shakira

Twitter Name: @shakira
Number of Followers: 3.671.188

She’s one of the biggest international stars, Colombian born singer, Shakira, will tweet your heart out but it’s about 80/20 on English and Spanish. She’s been laying low for a couple of months but as she is about to embark on her new World Tour so be prepared for lots of tweets.

34. Jessica Alba

Twitter Name: @jessicaalba
Number of Followers: 819.705

You’ve loved her since Deep Blue and now she’s one of the hottest moms in Hollywood. Jessica Alba, mom to Honor, is still working but balancing work and family life. She tweets in moderation more of course, like any good celebrity, when she’s promoting a new projects.

33. Eva Longoria

Twitter Name: @EvaLongoria
Number of Followers: 1.032.307

Recently she confirmed her pending divorce via Twitter but prior to that Eva Longoria’s tweets are usually sincere and happy. The Desperate Housewives star tweets often enough to keep you informed but not too much to be irritating. I guess we’ll be able to scratch all the San Antonio Spurs updates from now on.

32. Eliza Dushku

Twitter Name: @elizadushku
Number of Followers: 679.166

You tried to watch her on the FOX series, Dollhouse and for the fall television season, you at least saw her supporting boyfriend, Rick Fox, on Dancing With the Stars. Eliza Dushku tweets quite a bit. Mostly random life factoids or what’s going on with her life. She will use it to also put out celebrity firestorms, for instance clearing up the rumors about storming off the set of the new TNT Drama, Bird Land. Also, she’s another whoe will always remind you she’s from Boston and will always tweet about her hometown teams.

31. Julianne Hough

Twitter Name: @juliannehough
Number of Followers: 167.301

She danced her way into our living rooms taking home back to back titles on Dancing With the Stars, now she’s launched a career in country music and waht she calls an “amazing” relationship with Hollywood’s busiest man, Ryan Seacrest. While she doesn’t have quite the Twitter following that her boyfriend does, Julianne will tweet pictures, tidbits about life and more importantly all her concert info.

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