The 50 Hottest Women of Twitter: 30 – 21

30. Jenny McCarthy

Twitter Name:@JennyMcCarthy
Number of Followers:220.130

There’s nothing that we can tell you abut Jenny McCarthy that you don’t know (Or haven’t already seen for that matter) but if you follow her on twitter you’ll learn about autism and her nutty crusade to “prove” that vaccines are to blame. You’ll know if she’s dating and you’ll know if she’s out with girlfriends. You won’t see too many pictures of Jenny but maybe as she gains more followers she’ll become a little more willing to share.

29. Lady GaGa

Twitter Name:@ladygaga
Number of Followers:7.346.410

There probably aren’t that many of you that aren’t already following the current Queen of Pop music, Lady GaGa but just in case check her out. You’ll get the traditional celebrity updates, where the tour is heading, what is the next single but occasionally you’ll get a gem that you don’t want to miss. She does tweet often so be prepared to see much GaGa in your twitter feed.

28. Wanessa

Twitter Name:@wanessaoficial
Number of Followers:267.232

We try to make sure you are well-rounded and you may want to add Wanessa to your twitter followings. Now, all her tweets are in Spanish but like most girls outside of the US, she has no problem sharing photos and photos and more photos. You’ll be glad that you are now following Wanessa. Trust us.

27. Lea Michele

Twitter Name:@msleamichele
Number of Followers:449.716

She was just given Billboards first ever “Triple Threat Award” and lea Michele is riding high from her Glee fame and if you can’t get enough you should check her out on twitter. Lea tweets a lot, what’s going on, where she’ll be next and what’s coming up on Glee. So if you are a Gleeker, definitely check out Ms. Lea.

26. Elizabeth Banks

Twitter Name:@ElizabethBanks
Number of Followers:286.826

You may not recognize the name Elizabeth Banks but she’s one of those “if you saw her you know who she is” kind of stars. She tweets a lot, and you’ll find youself cheering her on. Whether its an audition or a movie that has already wrapped, Elizabeth is witty and hot…is there a better combination?

25. Ashley Tisdale

Twitter Name:@ashleytisdale
Number of Followers:3.784.250

Ashely Tisdale is one of the Disney darlings that has managed to keep her head on straight. No rehab, racy videos, just a nose job and working hard at trying to have a successful music career, you can follow Ashley’s day to day life. She tweets quite a bit and will keep you informed of what’s going on in her work life. She will talk family but seldom comments on relationships..for those wondering, the occasional picture will come across from Ashley.

24. Sara Brown

Twitter Name:@SaraBrownGolf
Number of Followers:1054

Now, we’re going above and beyond with this pick. You may not have a clue who Sara Brown is but if you have a chance check out the reruns of Big Break on the Golf Channel. The hot Sara Brown appeared on two seasons, Sandals (Which was an all women season) and the All-stars season which just wrapped, Big Break Dominican Republic. Sara just over the weekend made the LPGA tour and is going to be a force in women’s golf. She was an NCAA Golfer of the year during her career at Michigan State and hails from the land of the sun in Tuscon, Arizona. Trust us, jump on this bandwagon. She’s hot, great golfer and smart…she’s just what the LPGA needs.

23. Taylor Swift

Twitter Name:@taylorswift13
Number of Followers:4.784.108

Now that Taylor has turned 21 and is dating Oscar nominee Jake Gyllenhaal, maybe we can view her as a woman and not a child with a guitar. It’s time for Taylor to sing big-girls songs, sound good on live award shows and maybe tweet some naughty pics? Well, maybe not the last part but come on Taylor, have an alcoholic drink for crying out loud.

22. Marcy Rylan

Twitter Name:@EmmeRylan
Number of Followers:3054

The adorable Marcy Rylan may not be a name that most of you recognize but she’s been acting for the last several years on the daytime soap operas, Guiding Light and now The Young and the Restless. Marcy is hot and smart, while working on Guiding Light she attended and graduated from Columbia University. Now living in LA she and husband Don have a 1-year old son, Jackson. Her tweets are amusing and witty, check her out.

21. Sisanie

Twitter Name:@Sisanie
Number of Followers:7.202

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