The 50 Hottest Women of Sports: 11-20

Now we’re down to the top 20 most beautiful women in all of sports. Things are starting to get a lot hot and smoky, if you know what we mean…

20. Amy Taylor

Amy Taylor soccer

Amy was a soccer player with the Australian national team, and she played on the United States professionally as well. Back in 2000 she posed for a nude calendar with her team mates. Too bad we could not include the whole team here!

19. Kristi Leskinen

Kristi Leskinen skier

Kristi is an American freestyle skier, and she won a bronze in the Women’s Superpipe competition. More impressive yet is the fact that she figured at the 90 position of the FHM “sexiest women of 2005” list.

18. Anna Rawson

Anna Rawson golfer

This is the third golfer to appear in our list (yeah, I am also wondering if I should start playing that…). She started modeling at a very young age, and in 2004 she became a professional player. She has 26 years, and was born in Australia.

17. Kristina Lum

Kristina Lum olympic swimmer

Kristina is an Olympic synchronized swimmer. She was one of the first female swimmers to use a male partner. Well, I am not that good with synchronized movements underwater, but I volunteer myself as well….

16. Tatiana Grigorieva

Tatiana Grigorieva pole vault

As you can see we are starting to enter into the “really hot” zone. Tatiana was born in Russia, but she competes for Australia on the pole vault discipline. She is a bombshell, what can I say?

15. Logan Tom

Logan Tom volleyball

Logan is one of the most complete American volleyball players (and one of the sexiest, we might add). She was born in California, and that is where she currently lives.

14. Elisabetta Canalis

Elisabetta Canalis soccer

If you are not familiar with the Italian culture, let me summarize it this way: Elisabeta Canalis is one of the most desired women on the whole country. What is her connection with the world of sports you might ask? Well, she used to date famous soccer player Christian Vieri, and she also became the presenter of a soccer TV program. (Do yourself a favor a search the Google images for her name…)

13. Ana Paula Mancino

Ana Paula Mancino volleyball

Brazil also has hot bodies, and this girl is the proof. Ana Paula was born in 1971, and she started playing volleyball at the age of 12. When she was 19 she moved to Italy to play with the Campobasso team.

12. Niki Gudex

Niki Gudex mountain biker

Niki is a professional mountain biker. She lives in Sydney, Australia. Apart from competing in that sport she is also a model. The magazine FHM included her on the “100 Sexiest Women in the World” list on 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2005. Nice!

11. Malia Jones

Malia Jones surfer

You cant make a list with hot women without including a surfer, right? Malia was born in 1977 in Hawaii, and many people say that she contributed to raise the interest on the sport among young girls. Well, she got me interested as well.

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