The 50 Hottest Women of American Idol

American Idol isn’t quite the cultural juggernaut it once was, especially with 2/3 of the original judging cast now replaced with sort of bizarre choices, but there’s something American Idol is still good for: extremely hot contestants. It’s a time worn strategy to placate guys roped into watching the show by their significant others, and we definitely think it’s the highlight of the show. We went through the casts from all ten seasons of American Idol to find the 50 hottest contestants of all time. Enjoy.

50. Carly Smithson

Appeared on: Season 7

Where is she now? Carly Smithson appeared on Season 7 of American Idol and made it to the Top 5. Her Irish accent made Carly standout but couldn’t pull enough votes to crown her the Season 7 Idol champ. Since leaving Idol, Carly has joined the band has Fallen Angel, and has been touring as their lead singer.

49. Camile Velasco

Appeared on: Season 3

Where is she now? This Hawaiian native auditioned for Idol while working at her parents IHOP. After fighting her way through Hollywood week, Camile found herself in the Top 24 but was voted out after Elton John week. Camile has since released an album called Koy, with her first single showing up on iTunes in October of 2010. She plans to release the title track this year.

48. Celena Rae

Appeared on: Season 4

Where is she now? You may not remember Celena Rae from Carrie Underwood’s season of Idol but she was there, just a quick elimination. Celena found herself in the Top 24 but was one of the first sent packing after her performance of Faith Hill’s When the Lights Go Down. Celena has recorded an album but hasn’t had any singles make the airwaves.

47. Lilly Scott

Appeared on: Season 9

Where is she now? This Colorado native fell off the Idol stage with her version of the Patsy Cline hit, I Fall to Pieces. Scott was a surprise exit, as judges Ellen DeGeneres and Kara DioGuardi were both big fans of her style. Since appearing on Idol, Lilly has continued to pursue her music career but hasn’t quite been able to land her dream record deal.

46. Olivia Monjac

Appeared on: Season 2

Where is she now? Olivia Monjac appeared on Season 2 of American Idol and sealed her early exit by attempting the Celine Dion song, Because you Loved Me. Olivia appeared on the early wild-card round but couldn’t convince the judges to put her through. Since her short-lived Idol days…we aren’t sure what Olivia is doing…if you know, please let us know.

45. Ramiele Malubay

Appeared on: Season 7

Where is she now? This Saudi Arabian-born singer wowed us with her big voice and tiny body during Season 7 of American Idol. After leaving Saudi Arabia, by way of the Philippines, Ramiele now calls Miramar, Florida home. Since her Idol days, Ramiele has recorded 2 albums, including a Christmas album, but none have managed to score her a hit on the Billboard charts. In 2009, Ramiele was working in Vegas and performing the National Anthem at sporting events.

44. Michelle Delamor

Appeared on: Season 9

Where is she now? Michelle was voted off Idol just before the Top 10 shows started after performing the Creed hit, With Arms Wide Open. Since falling short of the big Idol stage, Michelle has remained in LA and continues working on her music career.

43. Sabrina Sloan

Appeared on: Season 6

Where is she now? Since Sabrina was cut from American Idol, she has graduated from college and toured with several national companies for both Hairspray and In the Heights. She currently performs under the stage name Sabrina Scherff.

42. Jasmine Trias

Appeared on: Season 3

Where is she now? Jasmine became the first Top 3 finalist of Filipino decent during Season 3 of Idol. After her successfull Idol appearance, Jasmine toured in the Pacific Islands and hosted a television series based in Hawaii. Since 2009, she has been performing with Hawaii’s showband The Society of Seven at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

41. Gina Glocksen

Appeared on: Season 6

Where is she now? After singing her “Heart” out Gina Glocksen was eliminated from Season 6 of American Idol. Following a brief stint with Extra as a Season 7 reporter, she headed back home to Chicago. Last we knew she was back performing with her local band.

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