The 50 Hottest Women of American Idol: 40 – 31

40. Asia’h Epperson

Appeared on: Season 7

Where is she now? Asia’h tugged on America’s heart-strings when Idol showed us that she had suffered the loss of her father just two days before her audition. After sailing through the first few rounds, Asia’h was eliminated at the Top 16 mark. Since her Idol days she has worked with Babyface and also appeared in the original cast of Hair Show.

39. Heather Cox

Appeared on Season: 5

Where is she now? Heather is one of the few contestants on our list who didn’t actually make it into the top 24. I mean…she’s blonde and her last name is Cox – how could we not put her on the list?

38. Kendall Beard

Appeared on: Season 8

Where is she now> This Texas-cutie couldn’t quite cut it on the Idol stage but back in Texas, she is happy at home.

37. Stephanie Edwards

Appeared on: Season 5

Where is she now? After being eliminated from American Idol, Stephanie spent the summer watching her Idol friends tour, as she just missed the cut. Following a couple of years with no real public life, Edwards was arrested in 2010 for a public fight but rebounded landing a gig as a lead singer in Southern Nights, a Savannah music club review.

36. Jennifer Hudson

Appeared on: Season 3

Where is she now? After being eliminated too early on her season of American Idol, Jennifer Hudson told the Idol stage to kiss-it and grabbed her own record deal, movie deal, won an Oscar, got married had a baby and oh yea, shed about 65 pounds. Jennifer used Idol to leap to the next level and hasn’t looked back.

35. Amanda Avila

Appeared on: Season 4

Where is she now? Amanda didn’t last long on the big Idol stage, being eliminated after her performance of River Deep, Mountain High by Tina Turner. Amanda has attempted a modeling career but after her Idol fame wore off….so did the interest in booking her.

34. Christina Christian

Appeared on: Season 1

Where is she now? Christina appeared on Season 1 of Idol, which honestly most people didn’t even start watching until the top 3 or 4 anyway. Info on Christian is scarce, if you know what she’s up to these days let us know in the comments.

33. Tamyra Gray

Appeared on: Season 1

Where is she now? Tamyra may have fallen short of the title of American Idol but she’s still remained part of the Idol family. Gray has co-written several songs, including I Believe, an Idol hit. Gray married Color Me Badd singer, Sam Watters in 2005 and the couple had their first child in 2010.

32. Kady Malloy

Appeared on: Season 7

Where is she now? Kady blew the judges away with her audition in Dallas, earning top-notch praise from Simon Cowell but it wasn’t enough to take home the title of American Idol. Over the last couple of years, Kady has spent her time writing songs, mostly for country radio. In 2010 she began touring with Andrea Young, a fellow singer-songwriter.

31. Carmen Rasmusen

Appeared on: Season 2

Where is she now? Since her departure from American Idol, Carmen hasn’t worked much into the music industry. Carmen married the former Governor of Utah’s son and they now have two children together.

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