The 50 Hottest Women of American Idol: 30 – 21

30. Didi Benami

Appeared on: Season 9

Where is she now? Didi came to the audition for Idol after her college roommate passed away unexpectedly. Benami made it into the Top 10 and performed on the Summer American Idol tour but has since taken some time off to work on her song-writing.

29. Brooke White

Appeared on: Season 7

Where is she now? White was a nanny for young twins when she auditioned for Idol. Brooke was the Carole King of her season, leading the piano charge on-stage. Since her exit from Idol, Brooke has released two albums and several singles but hasn’t had a ton of success so far.

28. Hadas

Appeared on: Season 2

Where is she now? There’s not much to tell about Hadas. She appeared on Season 2, got voted off and then tried to pose for Playboy. Hadas did release a couple of singles but they never amounted to much. Now she’s just another pretty face.

27. Katelyn Epperly

Appeared on: Season 9

Where is she now? Katelyn worked her way into the Top 24 but couldn’t save herself for the Top 12. Since she was eliminated, Katelyn has been living in LA and Nashville, working to land a record deal.

26. Lindsey Cardinale

Appeared on: Season 4

Where is she now? Lindsey had one of the more famous fights with former judge Simon Cowell, but it wasn’t enough to save her. In 2007 she signed a record deal but since that went south she hasn’t been involved in the music industry.

25. Paula Abdul

Appeared: As an American Idol judge

Where is she now? Paula famously left American Idol after Season 8 and was ultimately replaced by Ellen DeGeneres. Paula recently hosted her own reality series on CBS, Live to Dance. It opened to strong ratings but quickly plummeted and was eventually canceled.

24. Jessica Sierra

Appeared on: Season 4

Where is she now? After starting her season as a “contender” Jessica fell from Simon’s good graces and ultimately spent her days bucking the Idol system. Jessica has bounced from label to label and done a few minor tours but nothing major since 2008. In 2010, Jessica released a new single and will release a full studio album in 2011.

23. Ashley Rodriguez

Appeared on: Season 9

Where is she now? Rodriguez is still pursuing a music career, but still remains unsigned.

22. Janell Wheeler

Appeared on: Season 9

Where is she now? She was Tim Tebow’s girlfriend for a brief time before appearing on Idol. Since her Idol days, Janell has attempted to land a record deal but hasn’t had much success.

21. Becky O’Donohue

Appeared on: Season 5

Where is she now? Becky didn’t last long on idol but she did manage to use her gorgeous body to land a few modeling and hosting gigs since. Most recently in 2010, she appeared on the USA network series Psyche.

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