The 50 Hottest Women from Spain: 40 – 31

40. Tamara Ecclestone

You may recognize Tamara from her FHM covers but this socialite turned model and actress wants you to take her seriously. While she has spent the last few years modeling for every label under the sun she also spends a great deal of time on her charity work.

39. Natalia Verbeke

While Natalia may have been born in Buenos Aires, she moved to Spain at the age of 11 and holds a lot of pride for the nation of Espana. Natalia made her acting debut in 1998. She has since performed in London and all over Europe. For the last couple of years, Natalia has been taking some time for herself, enjoying her life in Spain and part-time in London.

38. Alba Molina

Growing up with a father in the music indutsry, Alba was bitten by the performance bug at a young age. She began competing in pageants and eventually realized her true passion was also music. In 1997, with help from her father, Alba released her debut album with a follow-up in 2001. After mediocre success, Alba parted-ways with her father and in 2009 released a new album with new vibes.

37. Ana Turpin

After years and years of acting on numerous Spanish television series, Ana began to use her talents in advertising for major gemology wholesalers in the European market. She has continued to do work for major brands in Spain.

36. Carmen Alcayde

Carmen Alcayde is known as a sexy writer, news woman and presenter. After she became “bored” with a career in local news, Carmen launched herself as a brand, appearing on Spain’s version of the reality show Big Brother. She also played ‘Martha’ on Spain’s version of Friends and wrote a very popular book, Thirties.

35. Kira Miro

Kira reached a high level of fame due to her willingness to shoot NSFW scenes. Kira, never afraid of a camera, has made men drool in film after film. In 2010, a new series staring Kira entitled Punta Scarlet, will make its debut.

34. Monica Estarreado

Monica, who began her career modeling, went on to launch a television career, appearing in series like After school, Paradise, and The truth of Laura. Monica sealed her fate though when she appeared on the cover of FHM, claiming that she in fact thinks about sex all the time. Saying, “All the world does, they just don’t want to admit it.”

33. Patricia Conde

After her appearance in Miss Spain 1999, Patrica quickly launched a television career. She has appeared on several television series, including the comedy Canal Plus.

32. Veronica Echegui

A native of Madrid, Veronica began acting in 2004 and quickly was nominated for a Goya Best Actress award in 2006 and 2008.

31. Manuela Velasco

Manual is on the fast-track to super-stardom with her role in REC and the sequel, REC 2. Keep your eye on this girl, it’s truly only a matter of time before she lands on the American cinema screen.

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