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Happy Mother’s Day: The 50 Hottest MILFs


For Mother’s Day this year, we knew we wanted to do something special, and it became pretty clear that counting down the hottest famous MILFs would fit the day well. All of the women on this list balance stressful careers in the entertainment industry with motherhood (probably with the help of a nanny or two, but hey), all while still looking smoking hot. Check it out, and let us know what MILF we missed in the comments.

50. Heather Locklear

Number of Children:1

Why she’s a MILF: Heather Locklear was a fixture on American television in the 80s and 90s and now, and even though she’s aged she can still hold her own with young Hollywood. She’s single again and has had run-ins with the law but I mean…what’s a little DUI when you’re as hot as Heather Locklear?

49. Alyson Hannigan

Number of Children: 1

Why she’s a MILF: You feel in love with Alyson as the “One time at Band Camp” girl in the American Pie films but now she’s still making you laugh on the Emmy-winning CBS series, How I Met Your Mother. Alyson and hubby Alexis welcomed their first daughter just over a year ago and it took Alyson from the girl next door to a sexy mom.

48. Cindy Crawford

Number of Children: 3

Why she’s a MILF: For years, Cindy Crawford was one of the top models in the world and over the years she’s morphed into a designer, fashion icon and mom. Over the last few years Cindy has also turned her attention to a beauty line…allowing her to cash in one her looks once again.

47. Julie Bowen

Number of Children: 2

Why she’s a MILF: She’s one of the stars of Modern Family and while Julie Bowen may not have the super sexy appeal of her costar, Sofia Vergara, she’s still one of the hottest celebrity moms around. Bowen, who has appeared in several television series and films over the years (Happy Gilmore!) has always used her comedic genius to add to her sex appeal.

46. Candace Cameron Bure

Number of Children: 3

Why she’s a MILF: Candace grew-up on television starring in the 90s sitcom, Full House. Now. she’s an author, busy mom (and married to a former NHL player) and currently stars on the ABCFamily series Make it or Break it.

45. Jennifer Garner

Number of Children: 2

Why she’s a MILF: Jennifer Garner gained her sex appeal while starring on the series, Alias and has also starred in several feature films. Garner, who is now married to Ben Affleck, works but maintains plenty of time for her personal life and raising her two children.

44. Julianne Marguiles

Number of Children: 1

Why she’s a MILF: She plays The Good Wife on television but in real life she’s one sexy mom. After making her television debut back in the 90s, she’s has continued to be one of the most gorgeous women on the small screen.

43. Kate Winslet

Number of Children: 2

Why she’s a MILF: Oscar winner Kate Winslet first gained mega stardom by flashing us during Titanic and has continued to wow us with her elegance and sex appeal. A couple of marriages and two children later, Kate is still looking as good as ever.

42. Larsa Pippen

Number of Children: 3

Why she’s a MILF: Larsa may have not been on everyone’s radar before the Real Housewives of Miami debuted last month on Bravo but you may recognize her as former NBA champion Socttie Pippen’s wife. Larsa, who is a fitness guru, has maintained her post-baby body by running and sticking to a strict diet.

41. Tiffani Thiessen

Number of Children: 1

Why she’s a MILF: You’ll always think of Kelly Kapowski but the truth is Tiffiani Thiessen is still one of the most gorgeous faces on television. Now starring on the TNT hit Blue Collar, this new mom is rocking the post-baby body!

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