The 50 Hottest MILFs: 40 – 31

40. Gwen Stefani

Number of Children: 2

Why she’s a MILF: Rock star Gwen Stefani has been showing off her killer abs since her No Doubt days and hasn’t let her two boys slow her down. Gwen who is married to rocker Gavin Rossdale and has continued to tour and perform since giving birth to her sons. Gwen at 40 still has one of the best sets of abs on our list.

39. Faith Hill

Number of Children: 3

Why she’s a MILF: Whether you like blondes or brunettes, country singer Faith Hill can fit the bill. Early in her career she was the cute blonde from Mississippi. After her marriage to Tim McGraw her career sky-rocketed and she became one of the sexiest faces in music. While her career has slowed down over the last 8 years she can still be seen introducing the football boys every Sunday night for NBC’s weekly broadcast.

38. Holly Robinson Peete

Number of Children: 4

Why she’s a MILF: Don’t let anyone give you the excuse that 4 children keeps you from staying in great shape. Co-host of The Talk, Holly Robinson-Peete has continued to have a busy acting career, raise a huge family and advocate for Autism research every fall.

37. Julia Roberts

Number of Children: 3

Why she’s a MILF: She’s still America’s Sweetheart even after all these years and Julia Roberts still looks amazing. After 3 children (one a pregnancy with twins) Julia still can rock a red carpet and carry a film. Ahh…the Pretty Woman is still hanging tough.

36. Catherine Zeta-Jones

Number of Children: 2

Why she’s a MILF: Oscar winner Catherine Zeta-Jones has been the queen of sultry since her break-out role in the Zorro film, co-starring Antonio Bandaras. She has been married to actor Michael Douglas for more than a decade and the couple have two children.

35. Courteney Cox

Number of Children: 1

Why she’s a MILF: Courteney Cox has been showing off her great body and beautiful smile for more than 2 decades. Now with her new hit comedy series Cougar Townshe’s back in primetime. Her marriage (to troubled actor David Arquette) is on the rocks, and Cox has been spotted enjoying lots of quality ME time at beaches all around the country.

34. Melania Trump

Number of Children: 1

Why she’s a MILF: A former Miss Universe contestant Melania Trump met the Trumpster during a competition and fell in love with his “charm” also knows as his money. The 3rd wife of The Donald, Melania has a son and spends her days as a “Real” Housewife of New York City. Her husband might be a type A jackass, but he does have a pretty hot wife.

33. Reese Witherspoon

Number of Children: 2

Why she’s a MILF: She’s gorgeous with simple girl-next door charm but Reese Witherspoon is one of those adorable women that everyone loves. Gorgeous, smart and to top it off a great actress.

32. Elizabeth Banks

Number of Children: 1 Baby on the Way

Why she’s a MILF:

31. Gwyneth Paltrow

Number of Children: 2

Why she’s a MILF: She is the wife of rocker Chris Martin (Coldplay fame) and since her film role in Country Strong, she’s landed roles on Glee and now a recording contract. Gwyneth Paltrow is rocking a new chapter in her career and balancing it all with motherhood.

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