The 50 Hottest MILFs: 20 – 11

20. Britney Spears

Number of Children: 2

Why she’s a MILF: Britney has had a few years of Hollywood madness but seems to have gotten her life back together and is looking healthier and hotter than ever. With a new album out and already a few new music videos – some are saying the best of Britney is yet to come.

19. Isla Fisher

Number of Children: 2

Why she’s a MILF: She may only be in the limelight when she’s promoting a film but we’re always happy for a taste of Isla Fisher. The Confessions of a Shopaholic star has two children, both of which she has kept out of sight of the paparazzi.

18. Penelope Cruz

Number of Children: 1

Why she’s a MILF: Penelope Cruz is one of the newest mothers on our list. Her brand new baby, born in January, didn’t stop her from hitting the Oscar red carpet showing off her greatest assets. Javier Bardiem is a very lucky man.

17. Elin Nordegren

Number of Children: 2

Why she’s a MILF: Elin is sitting pretty with the massive settlement she received in her divorce from Tiger Woods, and she’s now single and dating. While Elin has kept her life out of the public eye as much as possible, she’s still rocking her bikini body at her plush new beachfront home. Still don’t understand why Tiger abandoned this woman.

16. Gisele Bundchen

Number of Children: 1

Why she’s a MILF: Tom Brady has two baby mama’s on this list but at least he made an “honest” woman out of supermodel Gisele. Bundchen hit the red carpet again just 6 weeks after giving birth to her son….oh yeah and shot a brand new lingerie campaign. Sexy…there’s just no other word for her.

15. Elizabeth Hurley

Number of Children: 1

Why she’s a MILF: Elizabeth Hurley is one of the most beautiful women in the world and yet hasn’t appeared in a film in the last 4 years. Liz, who is in the middle of a divorce, will be back on the market soon…just saying.

14. Josie Maran

Number of Children: 1

Why she’s a MILF:

13. Jennifer Lopez

Number of Children: 2 (Twins)

Why she’s a MILF: J-Lo is everywhere right now….she’s on American Idol, she’s People Magazine’s most beautiful woman…so of course she’s high on our MILF list. Still can’t figure out why she’s married to Marc Anthony but I guess love is blind.

12. Victoria Beckham

Number of Children: 3 and Baby #4 on the way

Why she’s a MILF: Posh Spice has it all…one of the most popular men in the world for a husband, 3 great kids and 4th on the way and a wildly popular design career oh yeah…she’s one of the most beautiful woman in the world. Posh is also one of the most famous faces of Armani.

11. Angelina Jolie

Number of Children: 6

Why she’s a MILF:She’s a human rights activist, an actress, a life-partner and oh yeah…in her spare time a mother of 6! We usually see her in bad-ass movie roles but we can always appreciate the sheer beauty of Angelina Jolie.

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