The 50 Hottest Maxim Cover Girls

It’s hard to believe, but there was a time when there really weren’t many “lad” magazines sold in the US. You had to jump all the way up to Playboy and the like to see hot women in a magazine geared for men until Maxim proved there was a market for girls that were only mostly naked. And we are thankful for that because variety is the spice of life. The covers have always been one of the best parts when it comes to Maxim, and we’ve assembled here a list of the 50 hottest Maxim cover girls of all time. Enjoy.

50. Avril Lavigne

Maxim Covers: October 2004 and October 2010):

This Canadian blew onto the music scene with Sk8terboy and since been married, divorced, put out another album and is now dating reality tv star Brody Jenner. The pair made tabloid headlines when they each tattooed the others names on their bodies. We know how Hollywood romance pans out…I think I’d keep a small fund for tattoo removal.

49. Olivia Wilde

Maxim Cover Date: July 2009:

Olivia Wilde is known most for her role role as Dr. Hadley on the Fox drama House. She has also appeared in a few feature films, including Year One. She is set to star in the upcoming Disney film Ton: Legacy:

48. Shannon Elizabeth

Maxim Cover Date: July 2000:

Shannon Elizabeth is best-known for her arguably iconic role in American Pie. Elizabeth, every boys fantasy after that movie, has spent the last few years working with various charities and had a stint on the ABC reality series Dancing with the Stars.

47. Milla Jovovich

Maxim Cover Date: September 2004:

Milla, a Ukrainian model, has taken the world by storm. Starting her career modeling at the young age of 9. After years of modeling, her breakthrough came when she stared alongside Bruce Willis in The Fifth Element. She has since appeared in over 20 feature films, including the upcoming remake of Bringing Up Baby, with Marcia Cross.

46. Malin Akerman

Maxim Cover Date: April 2009:

This Swedish born actress has appeared in several films but had her breakthrough romantic comedy role as Silk in the Scifi hit, Watchmen. Akerman has also appeared in a few television roles including HBOs Entourage as well as the CBS series, How I Met Your Mother. Her blonde hair and beautiful smile always warm the hearts of her male fans.

45. Katherine Heigl

Maxim Cover Date: June 2000:

Known for her role as Dr. Izzie Stevens on the ABC hospital drama, Grey’s Anatomy but has since turned herself into a movie star. Katherine has stared in 27 Dresses, Knocked Up, The Ugly Truth and most recently, Life As We Know It. Katherine is also married to musician, Josh Kelly. The pair adopted a little girl from South Korea last year. The pair were praised for completing the adoption and raising awareness of children with Special Needs and how they are often overlooked during the adoption process.

44. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Maxim Cover Date: March 2005:

Jennifer Love Hewitt is probably most-known for her breakout role on the 90s FOX series, Party of 5. Hewitt has sustained herself as an actress and just wrapped work on the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer. “Love” has been famously stalked for her relationships with John Mayer, Carson Daly, Joey Lawrence to name a few.

43. Cameron Diaz

Maxim Cover Date: July 2003:

Cameron Diaz and her dazzling smile bounced into theatres alongside Jim Carey in The Mask. Her next film granted her the “girl next door” status when she co-stared with Julia Robert in My Best Friend’s Wedding. Cameron has appeared in over 30 feature films and voiced on the top-earning animated characters, from the Shrek series, in history.

42. Lucy Lawless

Maxim Cover Date: April 2000:

This New Zealand born actress, starred as Xena: Warrior Princess for 6 seasons as well as an appearance on Battlestar Galactica. Currently, she is starring on the series, Sparatacus: Blood and Sands.

41. Anna Kournikova

Maxim Cover Date: September 2008:

Anna Kournikova was one of the best tennis players in the world in her prime, but her looks always overshadowed her game. This Russian born star now resides in Florida. Even though she is no longer flashing her tennis skills, she can still be spotted steaming it up with boyfriend, Enrique Iglesias. The pair have been dating for the last couple of years now. Hotness…that’s just plain hot.

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