The 50 Hottest Colleges In America

Welcome to our third annual post ranking the hottest colleges and universities in America. PopCrunch runs Hottest Student Bodies every year in the midst of March Madness, an appropriate time we think to be looking at the hottest colleges in the US. Our advice to high schoolers looking for college recommendations remains as always to head south and out west, but there are gems all over the country as you’ll see in our list (of course it’s probably also smart to consider college rankings based on education quality).

When you’re done checking out the 2010 list free free to check out 2008, and 2009 for lots more great pictures and to see how the list has evolved over the years. Now onto 2010, as always let us know in the comments what colleges we’ve forgotten or ranked too low.

50. Michigan State

Last Years Ranking: 46

Michigan State is only one of two schools to make the Sweet 16 every year since we’ve started this list, and they’ve also made all three editions of Hottest Student Bodies. Lots of cute girls in Lansing, if nothing else to do the sheer size of the school. Like most Big Ten schools the undergrad population is massive, ensuring you’ll be able to find your type, whatever it might be.

49. Oregon State

Last Years Ranking: 44

We’re perhaps a bit partial to girls of the Pacific Northwest, and the state of Oregon is a particular favorite. Lots of fit girls that love outdoor activity in Corvallis.

48. UNLV

Last Years Ranking: 33

UNLV takes a bit of a tumble this year as Las Vegas has become a slightly more depressing place with the economic collapse, but we still remain intrigued with what it must be like to go to school in Sin City. Going to school 1.5 miles from the strip would be just a little distracting.

47. West Virginia

Last Years Ranking: Not Ranked

“West by Gawd Virginia” makes it’s inaugural appearance on our list, and while we expect it to generate a little controversy we do think it’s deserved. The basketball team is looking awfully good this year and so there’s a little more buzz around the university in 2010, and we think it’s time we gave Morgantown a little recognition.

46. Maryland

Last Years Ranking: 50

Far enough south for the weather not to be completely horrid in the winter, Maryland is an underrated destination. Lots of hot girls in the Washington metro area, and you’re running into girls who couldn’t get into Georgetown here. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

45. Missouri

Last Years Ranking: 38

Relatively solid sports, and over 30k undergrads in total gives you lots of choices. On the short list of schools rumored to be possibilities for Big Ten expansion, a move which would probably raise Missouri’s national profile.

44. Washington State

Last Years Ranking: 49

Washington State is in a beautiful part of the country, attracting beautiful girls. Some of the best cheerleaders on the list knocks them up a few notches on this year’s list.

43. Colorado

Last Years Ranking: 41

If you’re not going to go to school on the beach mountains would be a good second choice. Everyone knows hot rich girls love to ski.

42. Florida International

Last Years Ranking: Not Ranked

Joining West Virginia as a newcomer, Florida International features lots of coeds that spend their time sunning on South Beach. A bigger school than you probably realize with over 30k undergrads it has long puzzled me why their sports teams aren’t a little more competitive. Seems like a no brainer recruiting sell to me.

41. Oregon

Last Years Ranking: 35

One of the best cities in America to live, lots of cute outdoorsy girls, and hotter than average cheerleaders have all helped to make Oregon a perennial favorite on our list.

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