The 5 Most Heartwarming Things The Internet Has Spawned

Ton Sai Bay, Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand

The Internet is many things. For some, it is the primary source of news. For others, the Internet is a communication platform. A number of educational and entertainment options are available on the Internet as well. What the Internet truly excels at, however, is creating new content and communities. In particular, there is a considerable amount of heartwarming content that has come into existence due to advancements in computer science. Here are the five most heartwarming things that the Internet has helped create.

1. Cat Videos

Before the Internet, the only popular cat video was Keyboard Cat, that was first introduced to the world in the 1980s. Today, however, it is far more difficult to avoid cat videos entirely than it is to find great ones. Between Maru, Bub and a host of other Internet celebrities who happen to be cats, those who enjoy watching cats and kittens do what they do can spend hours enjoying their favorite animals. The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis recently hosted the first Internet Cat Film Festival which drew more than 10,000 local residents and received coverage in newspapers from around the world.

2. Flash Mobs

While mobs are generally viewed as out-of-control crowds that can cause damage and destruction, flash mobs are based on spontaneous demonstrations. These demonstrations often involve dancing, and some have been used as marriage proposals. Without the Internet, organizing flash mobs would be all but impossible. Today, however, flash mobs occur around the world on a regular basis, and most bring joy to those who see them online.

3. Charity

People are inherently charitable, but they often do not know where to donate their time or money. Thanks to the Internet, those who are looking for donations and volunteers can advertise for free. With social media, those who are interested in helping a particular charity can share information with their followers. As a result, many charities that would not have been able to sustain themselves in the past can now find large audiences of sympathetic viewers through the Internet. Further, people can use the Internet to find the charities that they truly wish to donate to.

4. Online Romance

Internet dating was initially viewed as creepy, but opinions have changed considerably since then. Meeting a romantic partner can be difficult, and many people simply do not know where to start. Thanks to the Internet, those who have unique interests can find others who they will be compatible with. The popularity of online dating is growing, and a number of marriages would not have occurred without the Internet.

5. Online Interest Groups

In the past, people often toiled away at their hobbies or interests in solitude, and those who lived in small towns had no means of finding others who shared their favorite hobbies. Because of the Internet, people can find others with similar interests in forums and on social media. No matter how selective or unusual one’s interest, there will be a community online that can provide information, support and friendship. The Internet’s ability to facilitate communication and the spread of information it provides has helped people enjoy their hobbies more than they ever thought possible.

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