The 30 Most Cliche Dorm Room Posters

One of the first things offered once you get to most campuses as a freshman is a large poster and room furnishings sale, often held outdoors in a bazaar style setting. College kids have to choose, sometimes for the first time, what kind of furnishings and decorations they want in their living area. This has fairly predictable results, as we’ll show in this slideshow, and as you can see with the very first image above, where we have an attractive female (always a hit) alongside a beer pong theme, hitting two areas of interest for college males at once.

We also will have the

  • Beginner art selections
  • Cutesy romantic posters for the ladies
  • Stereotypical college movie posters
  • Somewhat shallow political posters

And more. You get the idea. Check it out, our 30 most cliche dorm room posters.

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