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The 2012 Hottest Women of Radio


Welcome to the 4th annual Hottest Women of Radio. The Hottest Women of Radio awards were started out of love and appreciation for the many links PopCrunch receives from radio station websites and the mentions we get from morning shows. The first two years we looked at virtually every station in America to create our list, but since 2011 we have relied partially on a nomination system where listeners nominate their favorite female radio djs. The response has been overwhelming, with tens of thousands of total nominations that nominated well over 200 different women of radio. PopCrunch editors whittle it down from there and compile the rankings based on available photos of the women as well as from reading the nominations. You get a sense of which DJs are the most loved and have great personalities from the nominations, and we boost accordingly (so personality plays a factor, but don’t worry – these women are all HOT.)

This is easily one of the most popular pieces we do every year, with the 2011 list having been viewed over a million times since release. It’s clear that people in America still care greatly about their local radio stations.

Before checking out this year’s list, feel free to look over previous year’s incarnations to see how the list has evolved. We feel like it’s gotten stronger and better every year, and we think you’ll agree.

2009 Hottest Women of Radio
2010 Hottest Women of Radio
2011 Hottest Women of Radio

We hope you enjoy the 2012 Hottest Women of Radio! Think we missed someone? Let us know for next year’s list.

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