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The 20 Craziest Fictional Drugs


For all the weird and wonderful ways we have of getting high in the real world, the fictional universes of pop culture are far more ripe. The brainjuices of dozens of authors, writers, programmers and directors have congealed into smokeables, injectibles and swallowables, all the express purpose of tweaking your body in ways it wasn’t meant to go. Many of them are stereotypically “DRUGS ARE BAD” and many videogames contain some sort of addictive stimulants, but these 20 go above and beyond to provide the coolest and most important trips of fiction.

20. Chemical X

Chemical X is the magical science goop that gave the world its three most trusted protectors: the Powerpuff Girls! Only Professor Utonium knows its true origins, but when some was accidentally spilled into his attempt to make three daughters, they ended up with super powers. They’re not the only ones to have benefited from its amazing powers: their perennial evil nemesis Mojo Jojo got his intelligence upgrade from ape to super-ape from the chemical, too. Such a wonderful material that can hand out superpowers willy nilly, it’s lucky for the City of Townsville that more people didn’t get into it.

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