The 15 Hottest TV Moms Of All Time

While not all the moms on this list will win a Mother of the Year award, there’s no disputing that there are plenty of hot mamas among them. Check out TV Crunch’s list of 15 Hottest TV Moms of All Time. Hot… or not?

15. Carol Brady (The Brady Bunch)


Hang with me on this one – it was the 70s, ya know, so maybe Carol Brady isn’t smokin’ by today’s standards, but she was pretty friggin hot back in the day. Plus, she looked like she was a major tiger in bed, always cozying up to Mike Brady. Speaking of Tiger – what the hell ever happened to that mutt?

14. Rita Bennett (Dexter)


As Dexter’s girlfriend (now wife), Rita seems a little clueless – how can she not know about Dex’s secret side? Despite being a beauty, being oblivious to Dexter’s side hobby may be a big flaw. Give her credit though – she was a single mom with a messed up past that included all matter of abuse, and she’s one strong woman.

13. Tami Taylor (Friday Night Lights)

Friday Night Lights

Sure, it’s all about the football – but hot coach’s wife and guidance counselor Tami Taylor is one sexy mom that injects her sensibility into the crazy mix. A gorgeous redhead who’s into football – sounds like a football fan’s dreamgirl.

12. Gabrielle Solis (Desperate Housewives)


To be fair, that jump ahead 5 years on Desperate Housewives wasn’t kind to Gabrielle, but she’s still sexy underneath her frazzled mom frump. Let us not forget her pre-kid sexy days when she was getting it on with her gardener. Her inner hotness will no doubt shine again as the season wears on.

11. Joy Turner (My Name Is Earl)


She’s crass talkin’ white trash who rocks her hair extensions and cheesy clothes – damn if Joy isn’t the hottest trailer trash on the planet. Her self-confidence and tell-it-like-it-is attitude only wins our hearts over more.

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10. Elyse Keaton (Family Ties)


Sha-la-la-la… ooh, that Elyse Keaton, she epitomized the 80s hot mom – as post-hippie mama to republican uptight Alex P. Keaton, Elyse and hubby Steven clearly had some smokin’ chemistry. Mama Keaton was equal parts sexy wife and fab mother.

9. Peg Bundy (Married … With Children)


A little cheesy, sure, but Peg Bundy’s cleavage baring tops, tight pants and high heels made her the anti-soccer mom – and we love her for it. Her unorthodox child raising be damned, Peg brought over-the-top hot to TV. Yeah, she’s trashy and unconventional… but we wouldn’t have her any other way.

8. Claire Littleton (Lost)

LOST - ABC's "Lost" stars Emilie de Ravin as Claire. (ABC/ART STREIBER)

The hottest mom ever to give birth while stranded on a mysteriously whack island, Claire Littleton is a blonde Australian beauty who shows she’s fragile and strong all at the same time – and all while looking out for the best interest of her baby. Too bad she’s a ghost mom now.

7. Niki Sanders (Heroes)


Niki Sanders is maybe a little too complicated for some guys, but that doesn’t detract from her sexiness. An internet stripper with issues that include split personality Jessica and a red-hot deadly temper, Niki may be a little safer to check out from a distance.

6. Rachel Green (Friends)


We watched Rachel go from sexy single woman playing the dating game, to pregnant… to mom to baby Emma in the final two seasons. And while her on-again/off-again relationship with baby daddy Ross was a rollercoaster run, new mommyhood matured Rachel and she never lost her sex appeal.

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5. Margene Heffman (Big Love)

BIG LOVE: Ginnifer Goodwin. photo: Ron Batzdorff

Bill Henrickson’s third – and hottest – wife on Big Love, Margene started out as the Henrickson’s babysitter but her sweet, young ways quickly found her in the wifey lineup. She’s finding her order among the wives, but her fresh-faced adorable mom definitely gets top billing among the top 5 of our list.

4. Betty Draper (Mad Men)


Betty takes the stuffy 50s/60s housewife and, despite being a picture perfect former model, gives us a glimpse at her internal suffering as a repressed (and depressed) woman. Betty is a fox, no doubt, but she wants to be the perfect wife, mother and hostess – clearly, there’s a lot she needs to sort out.

3. Kate Austen (Lost)


Kate’s a mom by default, picking up mom duties where dead mama Claire left off, but she truly cares about Aaron too. We’ve seen Kate barely clothed and making out with both Jack and Sawyer, so we know she’s got good taste in guys. Plus she’s a former fugitive – that’s kinda hot, right?

2. Becky Donaldson (Full House)


Just try and deny the hotness of Becky Donaldson on Full House. Becky and Uncle Jesse were like a fantastic force of beauty to be reckoned with – Becky’s the ultimate smiley-smiley sweet aunt, wife, friend and mother and perhaps one of the only good reasons to still watch reruns of Full House.

1. Nancy Botwin (Weeds)

WEEDS (Season 4)

Sometimes a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do – and Mary-Louise Parker’s Nancy Botwin does just that, becoming suburban pot dealer to keep her family on track. Are her methods less-than-desirable? Sure. Is she smart, funny and sexy in the process? You bet.

The 15 Hottest TV Moms of All Time


Betty Draper is yummy.

(TV Crunch)

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