The 15 Best Pictures Of Sofia Vergara


Modern Family is one of the best new sitcoms to come around in a long time and it’s largely because the creators got the humor/eye candy quotient exactly right. It’s funny and there’s plenty to look at for the guys. Plus I like to pretend that Ed O’Neal is actually still playing Al Bundy, only Al finally won the lottery, dumped Peg, and married Sofia Vergara. Modern Family really wraps up that character arc for me.

Sofia Vergara comes from Columbia, and is probably the hottest 37 year old on the planet. I first noticed her in a 2007 Entourage cameo, and have loved watching her on Modern Family, despite the fact I’m not normally much of a sitcom fan. Much like Christina Hendricks, I think Vergara is showing that men prefer women with actual curves, as opposed to the 98 pound bags of bones media generally tries to pass off as sex symbols.

Lots of great Vergara pictures to choose from as she’s been featured in tons of ads, men’s magazines and the like, but here are 15 of the best, in no particular order, as trying to decide when Sofia Vergara is the hottest would be like trying to choose my favorite child. Just not possible.

Quite the dress

The luckiest necklace ever

Always popular hand bra

South American women have a well deserved reputation, this highlights why

Younger Vergara

Younger again, with light hair

I think the darker hair is preferable though

Great pose

Vergara did an epic Stuff photoshoot back in 2002

Legs aren’t too bad either

Cute flower

Sofia Vergara fills out a bikini nicely

And she loves beer, no wonder Al Bundy went for her

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