The 100 Hottest Women of 2010: 80-61

80. Kiera Knightly

Who is she? Kiera is best known for her roles in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘Atonement’.

Why we put Kiera on the list: This swachbuckling lady lands on our list because she’s sexy, smart and super talented! Kiera has always shown off her beauty, but it was never more exposed than in a particular library scene in her award winning film ‘Atonement’. Kiera is climbing her way up on a list of “in-demand” women, and she is sure to stay there for many years to come.

79. Ashley Tisdale

Who is she? Ashley is best known for her Disney diva role Sharpay in ‘High School Musical’

Why Ashley made the list: Ashley is one of those cute, spunky, energetic girls that makes everyone jealous. She’s hot and talented, which is exactly why we are looking forward to her being one of the hottest women of 2010. This Jersey girl has been the voice of Candace on hit cartoon Phineas and Ferb and will be starring in an upcoming 3D film this year. Look out world, there is a new starlet on the stage.

78. Aimee Teegarden

Who is she? Aimee currently stars as Julie Taylor on one of the best shows on television, ‘Friday Night Lights’.

Why Aimee made the list: Over the past few years, Aimee has grown up before our eyes on FNL, going from sullen teenager to beautiful young woman, all the while portraying Julie Taylor with insight and grace. 2010 marks Aimee’s first successful transition to film, where she will star in ‘Beautiful Wave’.

77. Katherine Heigl

Who is she? Katherine currently plays Dr. Isobel Stephens on ABC’s hit, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.

Why Katherine made the list: Between starring on Grey’s Anatomy, releasing two new films in 2010, working on three other film projects, and spending time with her new baby, we wonder how Katherine Heigl will have any time for herself! But one thing we can count on is seeing her beautiful self more often than ever before. With a string of successful romantic comedies under her belt, you can bet Katherine will be one of the hottest women of 2011, 2012, and many years to come!

77. Keeley Hazell

Who is she? Keeley Hazell is a British super and glamour model

Why Keeley made the list: Ask FHM, Maxim, The Zoo, AskMen or The Sun about Keeley Hazell and they will all tell you the same thing. She is smokin’ hot. Keeley, who started modeling when she was just 16, rose to fame in Britain by posing as a Page 3 girl. But this lady has bigger dreams than gracing the cover of magazines. Keeley is currently taking acting lessons in America, which means one thing. Not that she’ll be winning an Oscar anytime soon, but we will surely be seeing her beautiful face more often.

76. Ke$ha

Who is she? A California girl just trying to make it in the music business

Why Ke$ha made the list: You may recognize her voice from the Flo rida smash hit “Right Round’ but Ke$ha didn’t see a penny from her voice being blasted all over Top 40 radio. But she’s battled back, with her first single “Tik Tok”, which went to number 1 in 4 different countries. The singer-songwriter has also had music featured on MTVs The Hills and My Super Sweet 16. Ke$ha’s debut album, Animal, is due out in early January 2010.

75. Emily Vancamp

Who is she? Emily stars on the hit show, ‘Brothers and Sisters’.

Why Emily made the list: She’s hot, she’s Canadian, and she is one of Hollywood’s current “it” girls. Why wouldn’t she make the list? But in all seriousness, Emily has a smoking body and the talent to back up her looks. I can’t be sure, but she’ll probably make a lot of “hot” lists in the new year.

74. Lady GaGa

Who is she? Lady GaGa is a musician who is best known for mixing her Euro-techno beats under American melodies in hits such as ‘Bad Romance’ and ‘Paparazzi’.

Why Lady GaGa made the list: Lady GaGa seems to be one of those women who has no fear. She is always confident in her appearance and her musical choices. It may have taken a while, but she is slowly winning over America. GaGa’s real break-out moment from a “hot” stand point came in her most recent video ‘Bad Romance’. Watch the end of that and tell me she isn’t hot.

73. Emma Stone

Who is she? Emma is most recognizable for her roles in films like ‘Superbad’ and ‘Zombieland’.

Why Emma made the list: Emma had a great year in 2009, but 2010 is shaping up to be her year. With two big projects, including a live action project called ‘Marmaduke’ and the film ‘Easy A’, you can bet you’ll be seeing this red head around a lot. It’s hard to put a finger on what exactly makes Emma so pretty, but it could have something to do with her gorgeous body and her comedic timing.

72. Paz Vega

Who is she? This Spanish beauty is known for her role in films like ‘Spanglish’ and ‘The Spirit’.

Why Paz made the list: Every so many years, and hot new Hispanic actress breaks out onto the Hollywood scene. First it was Salma Hayek, then Penelope Cruz, and now, luckily for us, it’s Paz Vega. 2010 promises more American films for Paz, which we all know is a blessing for us.

71. Gemma Arterton

Who is she? British supermodel and actress best known for her work in the James Bond film Quantum of Solice.

Why Gemma made the list: Every list needs a Bond girl, and Gemma is the “creme de la creme”. This British babe surprised the world with her excellant performance in Quantum of Solice, and you can bet you’ll be seeing more of her. With the lead role in the film adaptation of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and Clash of the Titans, you can bet 2010 is gonna be a good year for Gemma.

69. Mary Louise Parker

Who is she? Mary Louise Parker is known best for her roles on ‘Weeds’ and ‘The West Wing’.

Why Mary made the list: Playing a drug dealing single mom doesn’t always sound like someone who would make a “hot” list. But on the hit show ‘Weeds’, Mary shows that regardless of your circumstance, you can still be hot. Whether she’s wearing a suit and slinging a briefcase or pushing drugs and chewing on a straw, Mary has a body most women would kill for, which is why she made the list!

68. Elisha Cuthbert

Who is she? This Canadian cutie is known for her roles in films such as ‘The Girl Next Door’ and on hit television show ’24’.

Why Elisha made the list: Her time on ’24’ might be at an end, but Elisha Cuthbert’s career is far from over. With a new role on ABC’s ‘The Forgotten’, Cuthbert is creating quite a buzz. She’s adorable, a huge hockey fan, and a blonde. Sounds like a complete package to me.

67. Sienna Miller

Who is she? A British model and actress, best known for roles in ‘Factory Girl’ and ‘G.I. Joe’.

Why Sienna made the list: Her latest film might not have been a huge success, but that doesn’t change the fact that checking out a picture of this bubbly British beauty could brighten anyone’s day. Some may say that Sienna is better known for her very public affairs rather than her acting talent, but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s got a smoking hot body.

66. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Who is she? Jennifer got her start in acting in the 90’s, but she’s kept at it through the years and is now an actor, director and producer on ‘Ghost Whisperer’.

Why Jennifer made the list: They say everything is bigger in Texas, and judging by this southern belle, that is the truth! Known for her killer curves and her sweet disposition, Jennifer Love Hewitt has filled the role of ‘America’s Sweetheart’ ever since she debuted on ‘Party of Five’. But Jen’s talents lie outside Film/Television as well. She is an experienced singer, songwriter, comic book author, and author.

65. Hayden Panettiere

Who is she? Hayden is an American actress famous for her roles on ‘Heroes’ and ‘I Love You, Beth Cooper’.

Why Hayden made the list: So many women treat Hayden Panettiere like a little sister, having watched her grow up, from her time on ‘Guiding Light’ and in ‘Remember the Titans’, to her performance as superhero Claire Bennett on Heroes. However, the affection the male population has for Hayden is anything but “sisterly”. Hayden is a super hot blonde bombshell, and when you throw in the fact that she stars on a comic book show, you are going to get a deadly, but beautiful combination.

64. Christina Aguilera

Who is she? You probably know Christina from her catchy pop hits like ‘What a Girl Wants’ and ‘Candy Man’.

Why Christina made the list: Christina Aguilera is one of those vocalists that has the ability to get a crowd on their feet all while making the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Over the years, she has continually proved that she has stay power, and with a new album coming out in March of 2010, you know she’s not moving off the music scene any time soon.

63. Christina Hendricks

Who is she?: Christina Hendricks is best known for her role on AMC’s, ‘Mad Men’.

Why Christina made the list: There are two good reasons why Christina Hendricks made this list. Come on, now, get your mind out of the gutter. We were going to say she is beautiful and talented. This actress was known for small guest roles here and there before she finally landed a permanent slot as one of the most beautiful secreteries on television, Joan on ‘Mad Men’. Hendricks had a big year in 2009, even tying the knot, but you can bet 2010 will be just as kind to this fiery beauty.

62. ZoeSaldana

Who is she? Zoe is best known for her roles in ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Avatar’.

Why Zoe made the list: Zoe Saldana is one beautiful nerd. While she admits that she loves the sci-fi/fantasy genre, it is only proven further by her career choices. Between ‘Avatar’ and ‘Star Trek’, 2009 proved to be a lucrative year for Zoe. She not only won the hearts of Fan Boys around the world, making her one of the hottest stars of year, she also made bank. Rich and cute? Sounds good to me.

61. Eva Mendes

Who is she? This Cuban beauty is an actress known for her work in ‘Hitch’ and ‘We Own the Night’.

Why Eva made the list: Eva stopped traffic this year when her billboard for Calvin Klein “steamed” up a New York City street corner. This isn’t Eva’s first go-around with controversial ads, she has had multiple television commercials as well as other billboards banned for explicit content. But never fear, you’ll still be able to get your Eva fix. After being voted #4 in AskMens Most Desirable List, Eva took the Top spot in 2009.

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