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So That’s How Kim Kardashian Got Her Waist So Tiny


Kim Kardashian has revealed the secret to her noteworthy hourglass figure: Waist-Training.

Peruse any of the thousands of fitness-inspired pages prominently featured on Instagram and you’ll likely find that the waist-cinching workout corsets have become as big a gym staple as heart-rate monitors and yoga pants. It appears Mrs. Kanye West has hopped on the bandwagon, just weeks after the socialite complained about struggling to shed the last 15-20 pounds of weight she gained while pregnant with daughter North 13 months ago.

On Wednesday evening, Kim shared a photo of her newly-reshaped body with her Instagram followers, showcasing a unmistakably tiny waist. She captioned the now viral post:

“#hourglass #waisttraining #nophotoshopnecessary #whatawaist.com”

Kim was wearing “What a Waist” — a corset-training device which retails for $143.50. A description of the product claims that “wearing waist training garments over a long period of time can change your body shape, and not just while you’re actually wearing the corset. Permanent changes are possible. In fact, for some people a long-term change.” Word on the Curb has it that Kim often sleeps in the garment to ensure optimum results.

And Kim isn’t the only member of the Kardashian klan getting a little help as she works to become a real-life incarnation of Jessica Rabbit. Her sister, Khloe Kardashian, posted a photo of herself wearing a What-a-Waist device last spring. In a May posting to Instagram, she wrote:

“I love my waist trainer. Who doesn’t love to feel tight and right?!? #whatawaist #waistgang #Fitness #GetItRight.”


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