TGIF Turns 25


If you were a 90’s kid, TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday or Thank Goodness It’s Funny) was the best programming on television.

It was a two hour block of good hearted family-friendly comedies that made it ok to stay home on a Friday nights.

It created memorable characters with famous catch phrases: Urkel- “DId I Do That?” Stephanie Tanner- “How Rude!” Baby Dinosaur- “Not the Mama! Not the Mama!

Over the 11 years of it’s existence, the line up shuffled quite a bit. Some of the shows stuck around for a while and changed networks, while others charisma sizzled and had a short run.

Sit back and relax, and get ready to travel back in time and see if you remember these TGIF shows:

Full House 


Series run: 192 episodes (9/22/87– 5/23/95)

TGIF run: 50 episodes (9/22/89–5/31-91)

Perfect Strangers


Series run: 150 episodes (3/25/86– 8/6/93)

TGIF run: 61 episodes (9/22/89–1/17/92)

Family Matters


Series run: 215 episodes (9/22/-89– 7/17/98)

TGIF run: 193 episodes (9/22/89– 5/9/97)

Step By Step


Series run: 160 episodes (9/20/91–6/26/98)

TGIF run: 141 episodes (9/20/91–8/15/97)

Boy Meets World


Series run/TGIF run: 158 episodes (9/24/93-5/5/00)

Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper


Series run: 101 episodes (9/22/92–8/30/97)

TGIF run: 66 episodes (9/24/93–5/10/96)

Sabrina The Teenage Witch


Series run: 163 episodes (9/27/96–4/24/03)

TGIF run: 97 episodes (9/27/96–5/5/00)



Series run: 65 episodes (4/26/91–7/20/94)

TGIF run: 27 episodes (4/26/91–5/24/91 & 9/18/92–7/2/93)

Just The Ten Of Us


Series run: 47 episodes (4/26/88– 5/4/90)

TGIF run: 22 episodes (9/29/89–5/4/90)

Sister Sister

sister sister

Series run: (4/1/94-5/23/99)

TGIF run: (4/1/94–4/28/95)

Mr Belvedere

mr belvedere


Series run/TGIF run:(3/15/85–7/8/90)



Series run: (9/20/96–5/25/99)

TGIF run: 9/20/96–2/14/97)


Making The Band (2000)

making the band

Created by Lou Pearlman, the man behind Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, the show was a search for America’s next boy band. By the end of the season we got O-Town (Jacob Underwood, Ashley Parker Angel, Erik-Michael Estrada, Trevor Penick, and Ikaika Kahoano) and the end of the TGIF series.

Series run: (3/24/00–3/30/02)

TGIF run: (3/24/00–9/8/00)

Going Places 


Four young adults who live together and work on a hidden-camera TV show. (FYI starred Alan Ruck and Heather Locklear)

Series run/TGIF run: 19 episodes (9/21/90–3/8/91)

Baby Talk 


A comedy based on the blockbuster hit movie “Look Who’s Talking”. ( FYI George Clooney starred as Joe in season 1 and Scott Baio)

Series run: 35 episodes (3/8/91–5/18/92)

TGIF run: 28 episodes (3/8/91–4/12/91 & 9/20/91–3/27/92)

Free Spirit


A witch is summoned by a young boy, Gene, to get him and his sister, Jessie, out of trouble. Only the kids know of WInnie the witch’s true identity. (FYI starred Allison Hannigan as Jessie)

Series run/ TGIF run: (9/22/89–1/21/90)

Camp Wilder


A dysfunctional group of family and friends living in suburban Los Angeles. (FYI starred Jerry O’Connell, Hilary Swank, and Jay Mohr)

Series run/TGIF run: (9/18/92–2//26/93)

Getting By


Two very different single mothers work at a Chicago Welfare Office. In order to save money on rent, they decide to combine their families and share a house.

Series run: (3/5/93—6//18/94)

TGIF run: (3/5/93—5/21/93)

Aliens In The Family


The Henson company introduces us to a blended family consisting of half humans and half aliens. With the exception of mother Cookie, the aliens were played by giant Muppets from Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. The story goes, that a human dad, Doug Brody, gets abducted by an alien space craft and falls in love with a single alien mom, Cookie. They return to earth, get married, and combine their human/alien families.

Series run/ TGIF run: (3/15/96–8/31/96)

You Wish

you wish

Mom, Gillian Apple, walks into a rug shop and winds up bringing home a rug for her house and a zany genie.

Series run/TGIF run: (9/26/97–6/30/98)

Teen Angel


A teenage trouble maker eats a six month old hamburger and dies and comes back from the dead to become his best friend, Steve’s guardian angel. Instead of helping out Steve, he actually makes things worse.

Series run/TGIF run: (9/26-97–2/13/98)

On Our Own


A Full House spin-off about seven ophaned kids whose eldest sibling raises them while trying to keep child services from splitting up their family.

Series run/TGIF run: (9/23/94–4/14/95)

Two Of A Kind


A single father, Kevin, is trying to raise his twin daughters with the help of a sitter, Carrie, who happens to be one of Kevin’s students. As the season finale came to an end, we saw a spark start to form between Kevin and Carrie. (FYI the twin girls were played by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen)

Series run/TGIF run: (9/25/98–7/9/99)

Hi Honey, I’m Home


About a sitcom family from the 1950’s,  The Nielsens, and their interaction with their neighbors, The Duffs.

Series run/TGIF run: (6/7/92– 7/19/92)

There are many others that we forgot, we know. Share with us your favorite TGIF sitcom.








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