Tennessee Class Of 2015: Urine And Murdered Animals

Urine and dead animals in school prank

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Tennessee high school graduating class of 2015. A group of 100 students who were banned from attending their own graduation ceremony after they urinated in their school’s hallway, destroyed various pieces of school property, and then murdered an animal and left it on display.

According to Local 8 Now, the idea for a senior prank at Sequoyah High School was first thought up in a Facebook group involving nearly half of the school’s graduating class.

The plan started with glitter, balloons, toilet paper and fishing lines, and then it grew from there.

Last Thursday the students gathered at approximately midnight and soon discovered that the properties gym doors were left unlocked.

It turns out that several sheriff’s deputies were standing guard but allowed the student’s to enter with the promise that they would not destroy any school property.

Katelin Barnes, a senior at Sequoyah High School explains that the doors were propped open with a chair and “They told us when we got in the school, Officer Fisher did, that don’t steal anything and don’t break anything and we’ll be good.”

At approximately 1am, a more mischievous group of kids arrived at the school and they covered the walls in urine, baby oil, and ketchup. They also allowed chickens and crickets to roam free in the hallways. The vandals also looted the school, tore down posters, and they strategically placed marbles that they hoped teachers would fall on and become injured.

Officials soon discovered a dead possum on the floor.

Dead Animal School Prank In Tennessee

The prank went so far that three teachers filed workman’s comp claims after encountering the scene.

Following the incident Superintendent Tim Blankenship declared any student who was at the school that night would not be allowed to graduate.

Monroe Country Sheriff Tommy Jones gave a statement confirming he fired one of the officers who let the students in, and the school’s principal, Gary Cole, was suspended without pay due to an unspecified role in the prank.

The prank is currently under investigation and criminal charges are likely to be filed following closer examination of the school’s security cameras.

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