Ten Times You Were Glad This Wasn’t Your Mom


Moms are literally the reason why we’re all here, and for many of us, they’re also the reason we even managed to make it to adulthood. Not to mention the source of much embarrassment throughout our youth. Whether you grew up with your birth mother or someone else, it’s safe to say that there is a mom in your life who tends to be a little embarrassing no matter how wonderful she is. The ten moms in this list definitely embarrassed their kids! Hopefully, this list will make you feel a little bit better about any maternal blunders you may have witnessed. How do your most embarrassing MOMents stack up?

Contains NSFW content.

The Time Michael Got Roasted

Michael just wanted to talk about his love for one of the natural wonders of the world: a natural breast. His friend Allisonn blew his mind when she stepped in to remind him that two is always better than one. His mom Amy got the last laugh of the conversation, though, when she pointed out that the last time he encountered one was when she was breastfeeding him. Boom. Roasted.

The Time This Mom ‘Learned’ A New Emoticon

Before emojis (so, the dark ages… right?!) there were emoticons. Emoticons are faces and symbols represented by just typing them out. Some that you might remember from your MySpace days include the classic :). Perhaps, this one: :/ Because no emoji has such emotional depth. Or even XD, because none of us ever want to see it again. This mom learned a new one that she just wanted to share, but it turned out to be the great ancestor of the eggplant emoji. Would you have the heart to tell her?

The Time This Mom Was The Number One #2

Moving into a new apartment is great! There are some great perks when you move into a new spot. The first night in your new bed, and that weird moment when you wake up and aren’t sure where you are. Side note: WHY does that happen? You spend a whole day moving into the damn place, that’s why you were so tired. Does anyone understand this? But also, there is one more crowning moment: Your first time using your new toilet in peace. Too bad this mom stole it from John and bragged about it on his public Facebook post.

The Time Thomas’ Mom Did Him A Small Favor

Some breakups are nasty, and apparently, this one between Aubrey and Thomas wasn’t very nice. Both of them exchange some harsh words on this Facebook announcement. Perhaps it would have been better suited for the private messaging feature because Aubrey delivered a pretty “low blow” to Thomas, mentioning some disappointment she had with his downstairs. As any good mom would, Thomas’ mom Janet comes to his… defense? Truthfully, she just puts him on blast worse than Aubrey did in the first place and drags his dad into the mix. But, you know what they say: the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

The Time This Mom Was Just Looking Out

If Sarah has any kids, she’s really the most embarrassing mom of the post. Everyone has feelings and it’s great to see the spark is still alive between Sarah and Steven. But, then Sarah’s mom had to put in her two cents. She reminds Sarah that she saw a particular doctor recently so she might want to be careful. Uh… good looking out, Debra? Just kidding. Never do that again. You made everyone uncomfortable.

The Time This Mom Made the Mother of All Puns

Puns are amazing. Why don’t people love puns? There always seems to be this collective sigh when people are graced with this slice of comedic beauty, this exemplary demonstration of how cleverly language has evolved. Whether this makes you look off into the distance like a real-life iteration of Jim Halpert or brings a tear to your eyes with its genius, this nameless mom deserves an award. Her kid expresses a desire for the nostalgic Tamagotchi toy, and she makes a promise: To tamaget it.

The Time This Mom Was… The Most Awkward

Perhaps the prior generation doesn’t feel the same way about this as us younger folks, but there’s just something about this… All we can say is that it’s time to stop. There are onesies, bibs, and Facebook comments far and wide where nobody batted an eye when a mom wanted to say her son was a sexy man, a handsome devil, etc. Perhaps Tumblr poisoned us all, but this is just a little bit uncomfortable. Dare we say: squick.

The Time This Mom Was The Puberty Fairy

Socks are a standard go-to for a specific activity because they’re so abundant. It’s an awful habit, kicking your socks off and letting them fall where they may. But, in the heat of the moment, it’s nice to reach out and find one rather than ruining a t-shirt. This mom, who’s probably still responsible for the household laundry, has had enough. While this is a kind gesture, it breaches a subject that most people never want to with their parents. Moms aren’t stupid, but pretending they’re none the wiser makes it easier to sleep at night. Legend says that this young man never slept again.

The Time This Mom Dropped a Subtle Hint

Another thing about moms not being stupid, they know that we all grow up into adults with adult lives and adult relationships. It’s nice to know that some parents don’t freak out about that kind of thing, even if this ‘son’ probably felt a little weird reading that note. Nothing kills the mood like a blessing from your parents. We can’t help but feel like this was a subtle hint that mom wanted to evolve into grandmother. Either way, this “cool mom” has the internet cringing into oblivion with this note.

The Time This Mom Was Very Excited

This is one of those things that children grow to appreciate when they get older. On my birthday every year, my parents would dress up embarrassingly and get all of the neighbors to give me a grand welcome from the bus stop singing “Happy Birthday” at the top of their lungs, and I was always mortified. Now, I look back in fondness. But for these five youngins, this mom’s Facebook post expressing her delight at summer’s conclusion will be the talk of the first semester.

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