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10 Hot Babes Dressed in Star Wars Outfits


Star Wars is perhaps the most socially accepted of all the many faces of geekdom. It’s also George Lucas’s never-ending paycheck. The original 1977 blockbuster captured a generation’s imagination and has since spawned cartoons, prequels, books, comics, games and endless toys. Even sticky tape dispensers and underwear have borne the Star Wars stamp of approval. But – and I’m quoting classical Greek philosopher Plato here: “Not everything is rosy on Tatooine.” For many fans, the release of The Phantom Menace was a disappointment and Lucas came to be seen as some kind of money-hungry sci-fi overlord surrounded by sniveling sycophants. Purists point to creations like Jar Jar Binks as indications of where the be-quiffed one went wrong with the franchise… Some even say that the true Star Wars is frozen in carbonite. While it’s true that Lucas may have strayed from the path of genius and Jar Jar Binks is undoubtedly awful, there are still many things to celebrate about the franchise. One is them is hot women in skimpy costumes. If Star Wars is your thing then these are most definitely the droi- I mean – ladies you’re looking for.

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