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Teenage Girl Beaten To Death Then Set On Fire


A teenage girl was brutally beaten to death and set on fire in a market located in Nigeria after she was accused of being a suicide bomber.

Police officers stated that there was a second teenage girl was also accused of being a suicide bomber, she was taken into custody at the Muda Lawal market, the largest market in the city of Bauchi, in north east Nigeria.


A vendor said the crowd discovered one of the girls had two bottles tied to her body so they clubbed her to death then they put a tire, which they had doused in fuel, over her head, and set her on fire.

A Market trader named Mohd Adamu said the girls had refused to let anyone search them at the gate of the vegetable market, which aroused suspicion from the group of people who ultimately attacked the teenage girls.

Police spokesperson, Mohammad Haruna, said that it was highly doubtful the girl was a suicide bomber and instead said she was just the victim of “mob action carried out by an irate crowd.”

Nigeria’s homegrown “Boko Haram” extremist group has been blamed for a sudden increase of such brutal attacks, since the group wants to enforce strict Islamic law across Nigeria.


Last year the militant group had kidnapped hundreds of schoolgirls from the town of Chibok, igniting fears that the young girls are being used to carry out suicide bombings. The number of suicide attacks over the last year was, in part, increased due to the group. Girls as young as 10 are being used to carry explosives which were then set off in markets and bus stations.

The extremist group has threatened to disrupt Nigeria’s up and coming  presidential and legislative elections on March 28, declaring “ democracy is a corrupt Western concept.”

Thousands of people took to the streets of Cameroon’s capital Saturday, February 28, to denounce Boko Haram’s bloody rebellion and to demand the group’s leader- Abubakar Shekau- be killed.

Michelle Hinojosa
Michelle Hinojosa writes and reports media for Popcrunch and is an active member in the LBGT community. She is a graduate of Washington State University with degree's in Social Services, English, History and Psychology.

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