Teen Vogue Magazine MTV “The Hills:” Teen Vogue Magazine “The Hills” Split Over Bad Behavior

Yesterday, PopCrunch reported that Teen Vogue Magazine and MTV’s “The Hills” had parted ways – ending the fashion mag’s run on the hit reality series. Ultimately, letting go off stars Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port, who were interns at Teen Vogue during the show’s last season. Well, now we’ve got more insight into what caused the split-bad behavior routinely featured on the reality series.

A source tells Women Wear Daily that magazine officials did not approve of the stars’ wild behavior, which included feuding, clubbing and making out.

“The average age of the magazine’s readership is 16 — do they really want to support the behavior depicted [in The Hills]?” a mole dishes.

“They also started to see that newsstand sales were flat … There was no blip on the radar when Lauren and Whitney were involved.”

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