Teen Sex Addict & Mother Suing Tyra Banks Appear On “The Early Show”

Beverly McClendon, the mother of a Georgia teenager who appeared as a self-described sex addict on the now-defunct Tyra Banks Show last November, has sued the supermodel host, Warner Bros. Entertainment, and the show’s executive producers for $3 million, alleging they flew the girl to New York and put her on TV without parental consent or the proper work papers from the State of Georgia.

Do they have a case? On CBS’ The Early Show Friday, Beverly, her daughter Jewel, and their attorneys, Wanda Jackson and George Lawson, dropped by to discuss the case.

Jewel, now regrets appearing on Tyra and claims she made the whole story up just for the chance to meet the former catwalker, who she says she was “infatuated” with. The now-17-year-old also feels she was exploited by the show.

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