Teen Mom Star Demands Custody of her Son from Mother

Jenelle Evans is not just preparing for her prenuptial but is also getting ready for a nasty custody battle against her mother Barbara Evens next month over her son Jace.

The latest Evens drama started right after returning from her romantic get-a-way to celebrate her engagement to Nathan Griffith. The Teen Mom 2 star got into a brutal argument with her mother over allowing her 5 year old son Jace to call Barbara mom.


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Teen Mom Jenelle, her finance Nathan Griffiths and their son Kaiser , fighting mother Barbara for their son Jace


Jenelle had signed over custody of her son to her mother back in 2011. At the time Jace was just a few months old. It’s been three years now and she still hasn’t regained custody of him. In some of the preview clip for the show, tensions explode when Jenelle has the audacity to question her mother’s ways of parenting the four-year-old. As the screaming match continues to escalate, Barbara lashes out at Jenelle, claiming “You never raised your son!”
Barbara claims that her grandson shouldn’t be around Nathan since he has a tendency to drink, according to a source, who insisted that neither Jenelle or Nathan have been partying since their engagement last month.  They “only drank one time since they’ve been back,” the source said, adding, “They’re trying not to have any of those problems.”


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Janelle, her son Jace, and mother back in 2011

The 23-year-old reality TV star has filed paperwork with the court; seeking to regain full custody of her son from her mother.  “Barbara didn’t take her seriously” at first, a friend told Radar, “but then when Barbara finally got served last week, she got mad.” Barbara is now allegedly restricting her daughter’s time with Jace even more.


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In 2001, Jenelle lost custody of Jace due to drug charges however, she feels she has taken control of her life

“Barbara’s excuses keep changing,” said a source. “When Jenelle asked last week why she couldn’t see Jace, Barbara said, “Well, you’re taking me to court, aren’t you? Alright then, you aren’t seeing Jace’ — then she hung up on Jenelle.”

She used to pick him up from school and he would sleep over, but that hasn’t happened in an over a month.

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