“Teen Mom” Gary Shirley Planning Father-Daughter Clothing Line

Think the fashion industry is already riddled with enough ugly graphic t-shirt lines and celebrity-designed collections? You’ve obviously never met Teen Mom baby daddy Gary Shirley. The poor sap who got his wig flipped by an out-of-control Amber Portwood is planning his own Daddy-Daughter clothing line, to be modeled by the portly twentysomething and his young daughter, Leah.

Style insiders say Gary’s already produced t-shirt samples from a few sketches he put together. All he needs now is an investor.

One source tells RadarOnline.com: “Gary has been working on designs for a daddy and daughter line of clothing that he wants to produce. It’s called ‘Gary Time’ and the logo looks like a big clock. The shirts have already been made. He knows he has to use the platform he has from Teen Mom and turn it into something he can make money from.”

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