“Teen Mom” Amber Portwood In Rehab

From Teen Mom to Twentysomething & In Rehab. Volatile reality TV personality Amber Portwood is headed to rehab a week after she tried to hang herself in her Indiana home.

“I am going to rehab for anger control issues and depression,” the 21-year-old star of MTV’s docu-series Teen Mom told Star Magazine this week. “I’m on medication at the moment to just help me relax. I’m in a vulnerable state right now and I know people want a lot of answers…I’m pursuing help with a psychiatrist. I’m stable, doing OK, and getting the help I need.” she added.

Portwood was rushed to the hospital June 14 after she was found unconscious at her home with a rope around her neck after swallowing a handful of assorted pills. Only a few days earlier, Amber reached a deal with prosecutors in her hometown of Anderson to plead guilty to battery charges after attacking on-again/off-again beau Gary Shirley in front of their two-year-old daughter, Leah, as cameras for their hit show rolled nearby. She was held at an Indiana hospital for a 72-hour psychiatric evaluation and eventually released.

Amber will enter a California treatment facility in the coming days, but those close to the troubled young woman fear her latest breakdown may cost her baby for good. Gary retains full custody of Leah.

A family friend tells Star: “With all her past legal problems, Amber is only allowed a supervised visit with Leah one day a week, and she missed that visit after she tried to commit suicide…Amber had actually been talking about starting new legal proceedings to try and regain custody of Leah. Sadly, I can’t see any way that will happen now.”

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