“Teen Mom” Domestic Violence: Amber Admits Battering Boyfriend Gary; Police Investigate

Amber Portwood — star of the MTV docu-soap Teen Mom — is finally admitting that she has a problem controlling her explosive temper and keeping her hands to herself after she berated and violently attacked boyfriend Gary Shirley in front of the couple’s young daughter, Leah, on Monday’s show.

Although Amber says she’d like to get “help,” when Gary begins to speak about how he would like Amber to treat him, she abruptly cuts him off, rolls her eyes and tells him that he is the reason she cannot confide in him. The volatile young mother constantly interrupts him throughout the remainder of interview and is flippantly dismissive about his feelings. It isn’t uncommon in abusive relaitionships, for the psychotic perp (ie: Amber) to blame the victim (Gary) for the abuse.

Perhaps the news that cops in Portwood’s hometown of Anderson, Indiana are now investigating her sorry self for assault after she blew her top with the cameras rolling will convince this “Teen Mom” to take her behavior more seriously.

Color us confused, but we’ve got five bucks that says Gary can do a whole heap better.

Hey Amber, we hear Chris Brown is available?

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