Justin Bieber Egger Arrested In Sydney

An Australian teenager suspected of pelting eggs at Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber while the teen crooner performed in Sydney last Friday night has been charged with breaking into the roof of a concert arena to execute the yolky attack.

The Australian Associated Press says a 17-year-old Sydney resident was arrested at his home early Thursday and charged with breaking and entering, trespassing, and malicious damage following complaints from Acer Arena officials. Authorities say the Bieber-hater in question went to all the effort of scaling the aim, shimming into the facility from the ceiling, and locating a spot with the perfect trajectory — all just to have the pleasure of egging The Beeb. The heartthrob, also 17, has been mobbed by screaming girls at sold-out shows ever since he arrived Down Under late last month, but JB had eggs thrown at him when performing his first single “One Time” on stage last week. None hit him, and amazingly, the star didn’t miss a beat and carried on like a true professional as the eight eggs hit the stage, narrowly missing his famed coif.

This isn’t the first time Justin has been the target of mid-concert projectiles though. He copped a water bottle in the face during a performance in the US last year.

The accused egger is due in juvenile court on June 2.

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