‘Ted 2’ Will Feature A Joke About Deflategate During Tom Brady’s Cameo



Ted 2 is, of course, going to be making a joke about the deflategate scandal. However, the news might come as a shock to some people who remember that the film would have been filmed prior to the scandal taking place.

How exactly is it possible that they were able to add in a joke after filming had completed? Well, it was a little tricky, but it wasn’t Tom Brady that delivered the line, making things a little easier.

Self-proclaimed New England Patriots fan and friend to Tom Brady, Mark Wahlberg, is the one who says the line in relation to Tom Brady’s treatment of footballs. It is good news for Patriots fans who are used to jokes being made at Brady’s expense, and we will have to see just how Wahlberg comes to Brady’s defense when the film is released.

Ted 2, as anyone who has seen any of the many trailers previously released knows, will feature a hilarious cameo from the Patriots quarterback. The scene features John and his teddy bear buddy Ted attempt to get a sample from Brady in order for Ted to have a baby, and hilarity ensues of course with Brady throwing Ted out of the window.

The film features an outrageous premise that perhaps only Seth MacFarlane could think of when Ted decides that he wants to have a baby, but first he has to prove that he is a person with a soul. This obviously isn’t the case, but he does all he can and with a great supporting cast that features Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, and Amanda Seyfried, and it should be a hit with right audiences.


In his explanation during an interview, MacFarlane spoke of the Deflategate joke when saying “That was an ADR (automated dialogue replacement) line. That all happened after we shot the movie.” He further explained saying that he doesn’t know if Brady knows about the additional line, but given that it is spoken by Wahlberg, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Ted 2 opens in theaters this Friday and fans will finally be able to see what happens with the sequel to the hit 2012 comedy, Ted. Seth MacFarlane wrote and directed the film, and also provided the voice for Ted.

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