‘Ted 2’ Presents Yet Another Highly Inappropriate Red Band Trailer, Taken Down Shortly After


The latest Ted 2 trailer that was released has unfortunately been removed. Stay tuned and check out the last one in the meantime.

Ted 2 is not afraid to show or say anything when it comes to being inappropriate in its trailers. If the initial trailers are any indication, the sequel will be even dirtier and outrageous than the first film.

It seems that with every new piece of footage of the new summer comedy, fans are greeted with more of the same type of outlandish and inappropriate humor that Seth MacFarlane has come to be known for.

The first film was released in 2012 and featured Mark Wahlberg in the role of John with MacFarlane in the role of Ted, his longtime friend who just happens to be a teddy bear.

Check out the previous red band trailer below:

Ted 2 sees the return of the wild pair who also refer to themselves as “thunder buddies” with AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck conveniently used as the theme music for the latest trailer. The plot of the film sees Ted attempting to adopt a child with his girlfriend Tami-Lynn, but in order to do that, he has to prove that he is a person.

The sequel features Amanda Seyfried as Ted’s lawyer and she joins the two of them in smoking a bong as the trailer begins and then we see Wahlberg’s character leaning against the wall saying that he is trying to get home and seems to be having a lot of trouble and that’s just when the fun begins.

ted2screenshotThe latest trailer is barely over 1 minute and while it may be the shortest trailer yet, it is anything but sweet. The dirty antics continue with scenes of pot smoking and lots of inappropriate jokes throughout.

It features a generous amount of NSFW language and even ends with Ted playing around with a gun, telling John that it doesn’t work, but then proceeds to shoot his nose off.

Ted 2 has provided many laughs in the trailers that have been released, but will there be enough surprises to satisfy audiences when the film is released to theaters? The film comes to theaters on June 26th.


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