‘Ted 2’ Debuts Its Restricted Trailer, And It’s Even Dirtier Than You Could Have Hoped For [Watch]


Ted 2 has released a new trailer and just when you thought that it couldn’t get any dirtier, we are given the dirtiest trailer yet. This is sure to get any fans of the first film excited as we all anticipate the release of the sequel this summer.

The film will once again follow the adventures of John and his faithful companion Ted, a stuffed teddy bear that he has had since he was a kid. Like any film or TV show from the mind of Seth MacFarlane, who plays the voice of Ted, it is not family friendly in the slightest, and the film seems to be more inappropriate every time we see footage from it.

In case you missed it, here is the official trailer that was first released months ago.

In addition, Ted 2 stars Mark Wahlberg as his lifelong buddy John. The film is also introducing Amanda Seyfried and Liam Neeson, who recently starred in his film A Million Ways To Die In The West, along with Morgan Freeman, and Tom Brady, who will play himself.

The latest trailer is officially labeled as the restricted trailer and begins with Ted taking a hit off of a bong followed by his invention of lyrics for the Law and Order theme song and the two of them swearing like crazy throughout.

Ted is aiming to have a baby, but in order to have a baby, he needs to prove that he is a real person. Of course, he is not a real person, but that just makes the whole thing more hilarious.


At first the two of them attempt to break into Tom Brady’s house since what better sperm to use than his right? It is no secret that Mark Wahlberg is a fan of all things New England and would want to help out with Brady’s body, but, of course, that doesn’t work out as planned.

Ted 2 may not be a hit with critics or families, but those who love the comedy of Seth MacFarlane will definitely want to check out this film when it hits theaters in the summer. It will be in theaters on June 26th and it is filled with inappropriate slogans such as “Legalize Ted” and “Ted is coming, again.”

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