Taylor Swift Glamour Magazine August 2009

Country music superstar Taylor Swift, 19, models the hottest denim trends on the pages of Glamour’s August “Jeans Issue.” Even after selling millions of records, Taylor still has a number of goals she’s striving to achieve — like successfully conquering dating and moving out of her parents house

“I don’t think I’d be a party girl [even if I were] in college. When I was in high school, I remember seeing girls crying in the bathroom every Monday about what they did at a party that weekend. I never wanted to be that girl crying in the bathroom.”

“I don’t date a lot,” Taylor tells the mag, “The other day I was in my dressing room with one of my closest friends, Kellie Pickler, who is also my opening act, and she said something really interesting to me: ‘We can only give someone what’s left over.'” Taylor explains, “She does the same thing I do, so she knows what it’s like to do interviews all day and give your heart and soul on stage every night. After all of that is taken, we can only give someone what’s left. So it’s hard.”

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