Taylor Momsen: “My Parents Ruined My Childhood”

Teenage baddie Taylor Momsen — who has been known to flash her No-No knobs while puffing a Marlboro — blames her parents for her perma-scowl and sulky attitude towards, well, everything.

The Gossip Girl star, 17, claims it was her hardly-hardscrabble upbringing that has caused her to behave like a petulant, sex-charged brat. The Pretty Reckless rocker — who was only seven when she made her big screen debut as Cindy Lou Who in the holiday classic The Grinch — argues that she did not have the chance to have a “real life” growing up because she was always working.

“Everyone’s like, ‘Wow, why is she upset and why is she so miserable about things?’ My parents signed me up with Ford [modeling agency] at the age of two, no two-year-old wants to be working, but I had no choice,” Momsen explains. “My whole life, I was in and out of school, I didn’t have friends – I was working constantly and I didn’t have a real life.”

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